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  1. Additionally I would have thought that if I had breached the order I would be receiving repossession proceedings, not an invitation to call them. And if I'm meeting the terms of the order then surely they do not have grounds to ask me for more money against the threat of further litigation?
  2. 12 months ago a suspended repossession order was agreed on my mortgage + arrears. Since then every condition has been met by me and every payment met well in time for at least the agreed sum, sometimes more. Today I received a letter which states: "As your full contractual payment is not being met each calendar month, I would ask that you contact this office within the next seven days to discuss other options that may be available to you. Failure to contact us may result in further litigation action being taken." Can anyone tell me what they are trying to do? I was under t
  3. Hi dx It has been a while, I had lots of personal issues to deal with, new job, new divorce, new wife, etc, etc... Things are back to what counts for normality in my life... I actually have no idea about the card account, it's not one I recall but then there have been so many... ;-) Thanks for moving the thread.
  4. Hello all. It's been a while but I'm back again needing advice. Last week I received a CCBC claim form issued by Arrow Global Guernsey relating to an alleged Capital One debt of £562.59. In the PoC it states that the debt was assigned to the claimant on 25/02/11. I have sent the acknowledgement of service via money claim online and presumably have until 21st December to submit my defence. It's been a long time since I've had to defend one of these claims and I've forgotten the procedure. Could someone please point me to a link explaining what I should now do? Or give me a brief
  5. Sorry for the delay, I've been unwell. The problem has gone away; following my challenge to the association I received this email: Thanks.
  6. Hello, I think this is the right place for this slightly oddball problem. I am a member of a trade association, a local association but with broader implications. I'm a member primarily because being so is more or less the only way to be allocated work in my chosen part-time field. The association acts like a clearing house where organisations that require the services of people such as me give the vacancies to the association. It then "allocates" jobs to it's members in a manner decided by "the committee". The association, in my opinion, is a monopsony, belonging to it is the o
  7. The claim was originally done online so I don't have any original paperwork. How do I send it if I don't have it? Will the court give me suitable documentation?
  8. It was by post, dated 3rd December, received by me on 7th December. So, just to clarify. If set aside is granted then effectively the case is dismissed and I have to re-issue everything from the start, as per a brand new claim? And I have to pay all the court fees again? That seems unfair. And then what's to stop her saying that she hasn't received it all over again?
  9. Oh Lord! I meant 7th December, yesterday, that I received notification of the hearing. The hearing is Wednesday 12th December. You're confused? I must be seriously confused, sorry. Anyway, I've decided that on balance set aside will probably be granted so I'll just send in my written deposition to be put before the judge and await the outcome. If set aside is granted what does that mean in practice? Will the case automatically be relisted or do I have to resubmit all the paperwork from square one as though it's a new case?
  10. I understand about the likely granting of set aside and in truth there's no real problem in delaying the case from my point of view. However, I didn't even receive 7 day's notice of the hearing date so how on earth could I have sent anything in before 7 days? I only got two working day's notice.
  11. New heating boiler, not kitchen. My existing boiler is broken and needs to be replaced urgently as there is a disabled person and three children in the house. Cancelling is not an option and there is no-one available that I can call on to house-sit, neighbours and friends all out at work during the day and no available relatives. Wouldn't be appropriate anyway as I need to be on hand to supervise on certain technical matters. It would have been less of an issue if I'd received reasonable notice instead of two working days. But as things stand I cannot attend that morning and the court tel
  12. Understand that reasoning but giving me two working day's notice is not exactly good practice either, is it? Well there's no way I can pull the heating job at short notice either and as our existing boiler is not working cancelling the job until well after Christmas is simply not an option for a household with a disabled adult and three children. As usual, it seems, the system is biased. Surely if I send in a written deposition it has to be put before the judge? If it isn't would that not be an error in procedure? And no, there is no proof that the defendant received the cl
  13. How do I best handle this situation? Defendant from whom I'm claiming cash refund + costs for faulty goods sold to me. Set aside hearing is 12th December; I received notification of the hearing at 3pm on Friday 7th November. I cannot attend the hearing as I'm having my central heating system ripped out and replaced on that day and it's essential that I'm at home. I telephoned the court immediately for advise on moving the date. The court official told me that as time was short I'm best off emailing my written reasons for opposing the application as, even if I sent the N244 first
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