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  1. That's a bit of a pain then really. The rest of my credit file is relatively clean now but this £134 could end up costing me £££s. I think La redoute will be sick of me quite soon. I may write to their data controller at the same time as the SAR and see if I get anywhere. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks, yes I did wonder if appealing to their better nature might be the way to go. I will do the SAR but unless there is no default notice date on there I guess I'm back to route one above.
  3. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction please. I have a default registered by Redcats on 12/12/2011 for £134. It was settled in jan 2012. At the time it was an account I rarely used and I thought I had a direct debit for min payment set up but a combo of changing bank accounts and having my head up my bum resulted in this default. It is now causing me hassle as I want to move house and mortgage deals are restricted and I have come to the conclusion that I've rolled over and let banks etc away with enough over the years and if there is
  4. hmm. I think i used it till I was 19... well I took out the £15 a month my dad put in!
  5. Right, the letter is on it's way. Only problem is I don't even know what the account number is. I presume they can find it from my address though as they have managed to link them for the credit agencies.... By the way, i've worked out what they've done. It was a route 15 account originally for kids aged 11 -16 They then changed to a route 21 account when i was 16 - fair enough. Then sometime after I turned 22 (2003) they auto upgraded it to a royalties gold account despite the fact and there was no money in the account. It costs £12.95 per month. As well as ignoring my previous re
  6. Hi, Thanks for the replies. The default was registered in July 2007 according to the credit report. It is also when the first tried to contact me at my old address. I called and told them to use my current address and heard nothing else... So unfortunately it is not 6 years old and could be still growing. Eeek I only checked the credit report as I'm thinking of moving in the next couple of years and wanted to see how it looked - just as well I did. I'll send off that letter tomorrow thanks patrickq1. I'm anticipating them having the data from 2007 if they are sti
  7. Hello, First post here and i'm looking for some advice! Basically RBS have converted an account i opened when i was 13 (or so!) to some kind of fee paying account. I'm now 27. I had requested this account was closed some years ago (when i was 19 ish). However RBS deny this. They have racked up £407 of fees and charges on the account. It shows as a default on my call credit report. The account is registered at my childhood home and the default date is July 2007. The new owners of that house asked my gran to tell me that RBS were trying to get hold of me. I called and a
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