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  1. hi all. my solicitor still hasnt heard back from incasso yet and the otherside want to complete the sale on tuesday. what will happen if incasso dont respond?
  2. Thank you. No, not buying anywhere else, renting for the moment.
  3. Hi, just another update. My solicitor has been on and they say that there is a restriction on the property. He has faxed a letter over to incasso to give them notice that the house is being sold, but also that I have no equity in the property as all proceeds are going to my ex partner. Will this be enough for them to lift the restriction? I am still paying an installment plan set out by the court. Thank you
  4. Thank you. Yes its is a joint mortgage but a sole debt. The thing that is confusing me is that the solicitor says it is not even showing as a restriction??
  5. Hi everyone, its been a while since ive been on here. Busy with 3 nippers. Just a quick update - the DJ granted the charging order!! No great surprise really. However, what is a surprise is the thing I need a bit of advice on now please. I am in the process of selling my house, and assumed I would have to pay Incasso out of the proceeds. However, my solicitor has told me there is only one charge on the property, which is my mortgage with natwest - Can this be right?? Does this mean I can just continue with my installments instead?? Thanks for your help in advance.
  6. Hi, just another request for advice please. I have now been informed that my payments have dropped due to the overpayment. But the advisor asked me to provide year to date wages to see if they could invrese them slightly that way as i am currently on maternity leave. After a quick ring to work I gave them what they asked for, but then the lady on the phone said it would have to go to head office to be checked. What does this mean now?
  7. Thanks for the replies. I have taken my children out of her care and have an appointment to see a nursery this afternoon. The women who is doing the enquiry said she would inform ofsted about her looking after children whilst she is not registered. To be honest I think she just didn't pay her fees to remain registered but I'm not sure now if she is going to renew either. Still feel I should pay her for this month though.
  8. I am already looking now I know shes still not re-registered. next payment is due on 5/4/11
  9. Hi, just a quick update and a request for a bit more advice please. I spoke to my childminder and she said she was going to re-register - she hasnt! Tax credits now know my childminder is no longer on the register. They say they are stopping the childcare element and that there wil be an overpayment, which I understand. However, I still need to pay her when I next get my credits, and wont be able to if they stop it right away. Will they still give me this months payment or not? if not will they advise how i'm supposed to pay her?
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