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  1. So I have a court date, but never sent a schedule of charges with my MCOL claim. Neither did I ever recieve an allocation questionnaire - after being told by the court they weren't going to send me one. After being advised to send off a schedule of charges, I filled in the excel sheet provided. The quick calculator I used from somewhere on the site to calulate the figure of the claim is giving a different figure to the excel sheet. The calculator I used (its on here somewhere) seems to have used Americal formatting, therefore my new figure is a couple of pounds more (even though I used th
  2. Help with schedule of charges!!! As suggested, I am going to submit a fuller schedule of charges to the court and bank. 2 problems: 1. The detail on the statement simply states "unpaids" and does not indicate what the charge was actaully for 2. When I calculated the interest using the quick calculator on this site, I didn't notice it was using american formatting. Now that I have completed the prinatble excel version (taking off days that have passed since i issued the claim), it comes to £181.45 - - a couple of £ more than before. Do i submit this and accept my mistake or just
  3. As suggested, I am going to submit a fuller schedule of charges to the court and bank. 2 problems: 1.
  4. I did phone the court about the missing AQ and recieved the following letter - which from what I can make out it says I wont be getting one as they forgot to send it: 09/01/07 "Thankyou for your telephone call of 8 January 2007. It does not appear as though the court posted the allocation questionnaire to yourself, as your copy of the questionnaire appears to be left on file. The District judge has now made an order in this matter dated 04 January 2007 in line with other bank charges claims, which provides further directions. As such, I have not enclosed an allocation questionnaire w
  5. Help! Schedule of progress below. I had no luck so far and am concerned that I was not sent an allocation questionnaire - just a hearing date. I am particualrly concerned about Defence item 1 from Baclays stating that "the particulars of claim do not provide details or particulars of the amount in question and / or the precise charges alleged to have been unlawful" etc. My scehudule of charges was set out as suggested (as shown below), giving a date and fee amount only. Has anybody else got this far and had a settlement? I cant believe it is worth their while to go to court over
  6. I've had exactly the same. 55 days passed, and even though I held the account for 5 years, only closed it last year, and gave my account number and sort code they still say they have no record of me. I've given them my last 5 addresses so hope to have more luck now. I think its just a delaying tactic myself. Good luck
  7. After requesting a list of bank charges using the standard letter, I recieved a standard letter from Barclays returning my cheque and stating they would send me statements in "the next few weeks". My letter was sent to the 30 June, and their letter was dated 05 July. I sent two further fax reminders to Peter Townsend at Radbroke Hall dated 15th and 17th August. I make that at least 45 days, and no statements or contact has been made, so I have written to the Information Commisioner explaining the situation. Do I still need to chase up Baclays or leave it with the IC to do? What does
  8. I had the exact same letter. 47 days and still nothing...
  9. I recently had a letter from my Post Office credit card, stating that charges would be reduced to £12, which I think is still rather alot.
  10. Thanks Martin, I will try that. Chris
  11. After immediate success with HSBC, I have attempted to recover charges from Barclays (current account). I recieved a letter 3 days after my initial request, returning my £10 cheque and stating they could not provide a list of charges but would provide statements for free. 45 days has passed and still nothing - I am surprised as the amount is likely to be relatively small. Do I write to them as well as report them for breach of DPA, or just report them - I cant seem to find a sample letter! Chris :?
  12. I think that you can do it with all types; store cards, loans, credit cards etc. as long as the charge is unreasonable (£12 or over I think the threshold is) Nothing to lose though so anything worth a try!
  13. Hi there. After successfully claiming £155 from my current bank - HSBC, I have decided to try and claim from my previous bank - Barclays whom I had a student account with for 4 years - and I know I got hammered for charges. I sent a £10 cheque requesting a list of charges, and had a letter back three days later with the cheque returned saying that they could not provide this info - but they could send statements. 37 days have passed and nothing!! My guess is that that every week that goes past - another charge is unrecoverable as it is going past the 6 year mark - the SWINES!
  14. chrisjb98


    Hi there. Just to say I sent a template letter to HSBC with a list of charges totalling £155 from the last year. Within 3 days I had a letter offering me the full amount in full and final settlement, and it was in my account within two weeks. Result.
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