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  1. But as my bank have explained to me, the retailer can now claim that they have sent the goods but I refused delivery. This gives them the right to keep the money, because my bank have not actually reclaimed it yet. When a bank does a chargeback, they place the amount back into your account, but this is not yet the original payment. The retailer has up to 60 days to confirm if the chargeback can be done or not. If they prove that they supplied the goods, or attempted to, then they are within their rights to keep the money and the bank will take it back out of my account. Meaning I then have to contact the retailer and ask for a refund, which is obviously going to be fun.
  2. Well, they did send it. I've just refused delivery of it. I've also spoken to my bank for the last 20 minutes and got nowhere. Seems like I am about to get shafted!! Why the hell do we have rules and regulations covering people for buying items over th internet when, at the end of the day, none of it means a thing. Why do I bother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Saz. I spoke to my bank (last week) and they have returned the money to my account (for now) but said that there is a 60 day period for the retailer to appeal/contest the chargeback. A couple of days after talking to my bank, I checked the online status of the order and it had been changed to shipped/completed. So I wasn't sure if they had done that to 'close' the order because of the chargeback, or if they had actually shipped it so that they could then claim they have sent it and required the money to be paid. Nothing has turned up so far (which hopefully means it's the first of the above options) so the main reason for posting was to get some advice about what to do if it does turn up at my door. Not just for this situation, but also for future reference.
  4. After my bank does a chargeback (for a visa credit card payment) what happens if the online retailer then sends the goods? I no longer want the item from this company, as they have proven their severe lack of customer service skills, so I'd hate to think of the nightmare that I'd have if anything was to go wrong with the product under the warranty. I just want my money back, so that I can order from somewhere else. Therefore, if they have now sent the item, is it best for me to refuse delivery? Are they even allowed to still try to supply the goods after the chargeback has been initiated? Any help would be very much appreciated.
  5. Another call. This time they claim that they ARE the technical team from Microsoft. I asked why they are calling people in the UK using a fake company name, using a fake address, offering a fake service when they aren't even in the UK. No sensible answer, as you can guess. Time to report it to Microsoft I think.
  6. Reporting it to PayPal was a waste of time. All I got was a copy and paste reply of what to do under certain circumstances, neither of which apply to the situation I reported to them. Proving that either no one actually read my message correctly or that they don't care as long as they get their cut.
  7. They called again today. I reported them to Consumer Direct on Wednesday, but I have no idea if they will do anything. I also reported it to PayPal, but I would guess the most they could do is stop the account and then the [problematic] will just use another account anyway. This is crazy how I have details on a company that is [causing problems] people and there is no one who is interested in doing anything about it. Makes you realise just how easy it is to get away with something like this.
  8. I would not have run anything or done anything to allow any access to my PC. When he asked me to put my computer on and check something, I thought he might possibly try and get me to do something to make my PC vulnerable. He only told me how to check the System log though, so I played along with it to find out more information. Who do I report this to for something to be done though? It's clearly illegal so I don't understand how they are allowed to continue with such a [problem] and get away with it.
  9. I have no idea what to do about this, but people could be ripped off by them, so the more places I post it the more chance there is of something being done about it. I received a phone call earlier and was told that the company name was Safe PC Support. Their website is www.safepcsupport.com They claimed that my computer had been calling them because it has viruses. I was told that these viruses are now stored in the motherboard and it will attract more viruses from the internet. He guided me to look at the System log in Event Viewer and said that all the entries are proof that my computer has viruses. I was then told that they have been given a number of engineers from Microsoft and they can send one to sort out my computer. All I needed to do was complete a Paypal payment online. Microsoft was mentioned a lot and it came across as if they were actually linked with Microsoft, but there is no mention of any partnership on their website and no Microsoft logos either Little do they know that I worked in PC Support for 10 years and I know that everything I was told by them was a lie. It is impossible that my computer would have called them, unless I set it up to do so, and I haven't. My computer is virus free, as I have very reliable anti-virus software. There are very few viruses that can infect a motherboard, but the ones that do would actually stop my computer from booting up. The System log in Event Viewer is always full of entries. To a person who doesn't know what all the entries mean, it could be worrying. They obviously rely on people not knowing much about computers so that they can take advantage. The call came up as International on my phone display, so it’s strange that their website suggests they are in Kidderminster. There is no phone number or email address in the Contact Us section on their website and they also leave out the post code on the address. I got the email address from the Paypal screen after you click Buy Now on one of the packages. I then got the post code from internet searches and confirming it on a courier website. So could it be that they are using a false UK address and aren't even a legitimate company in this country. A search on the Companies House website has no listings for a company called Safe PC Support.
  10. That was stated in the information pack that came with the CDL paperwork, but it is not stated in the T&C's of the loan. Trading Standards have been through the Barclays T&C's that I sent to them and also asked me further questions about everything. They are telling me that Barclays are liable. It seems that we are in a similar situation, although I started my course a few months after you did.
  11. I've just had a conversation with Trading Standards about the Barclays T&C's that I scanned an emailed to them. I've been told that as far as they can see, Barclays ARE liable under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and are also in no position to refuse anyone that is now past the 2 year loan period (or paid off the loan) an alternate training provider or possible refund.
  12. It is regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I scanned my CDL and Advent T&C's and emailed them to Trading Standards yesterday. I can email them to you if you PM me your email address. Barclays are trying to get out of doing anything for anyone who has gone over the 2 year loan period and already paid off the loan. They did however imply that they are helping anyone that is still within the 2 year period or currently paying the loan back by Direct Debit. They are in no position to state who has or hasn't finished the course, so they have left themselves out in the open!!
  13. I borrowed the money to pay off my CDL before the interest started, so I'm pretty much stuck at the moment until I know more about what is going on.
  14. It's funny how anyone with a Barclays Career Development Loan is being told that they are not covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because Barclays has nothing to do with Advent and Barclays do not approve the Learning Provider and on the other hand everyone with Barclays Partner Finance is currently waiting for Barclays to find a Learning Providor that is equal to or better than Advent!! Explain that one Barclays.
  15. How am I wrong exactly? I didn't mention anything about Anglo. I was talking about BPF and CDL.
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