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  1. Will Newlyn not think that they have a good chance in court? There are about 25 tickets in total.
  2. Hello Difficult situation, I would be grateful for some advice. I work for a large NHS hospital. Before I started work I applied for a parking permit, it is not clear what happened but this application was unsuccessful. The perking services people say that part of it had not been signed by a line manager, but they do not have the application and are not certain exactly what the problem was. They say that they emailed me but cannot produce the email nor did I receive it. I am however entitled to a permit, this is not disputed. I think I then applied again but cannot remember
  3. The initial tickets were from the Trust and the subsequent letters from Newlyn.
  4. They are issued by the hospital trust. Can I really ignore twenty odd?
  5. Identical to my situation, see thread below. Interested to hear any replies.
  6. Hello I work at a NHS hospital and work shifts and nights. I applied for a parking permit twice but have heard nothing. I phoned today and apparently they destroyed my application because it was not complete but they have not let me know. Anyway, I have been parking on the hospital site for the last 6 months most days and have received about 25 parking tickets which I have largely ignored. I think I appealed against the first couple but that was it. I have now received 19 "invoices" from Newlyn for a failure to pay a fine. They are all identical but refer to different dates
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