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  1. Hi, I've received a very nice educated letter from capquest asking me for payment for a debt from 2005 on American Express. I know that the last payment I've done to American Express it was in August 2005. Can they do this? After 11 years? How should I proceed with this? Thank you for your help. CZ
  2. Thank you. I'll go to the bank and tell them and see if they do the refund. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again
  3. Hello and thank for your replys. The charge taken was £30 pounds from a debit card, and so far i was able to read it does not apply to debit cards. Could you please advise? Thank you.
  4. Hello fellow Cags, I have a doubt and I wonder if you could help me. About a month ago I had a problem with my car, the immobilizer didn't let me start the car. I called these people(http://www.av-autolocks.co.uk/contact.php) to see if they could sort me out which they said they would but only next morning. That the job would cost me £140 and that they needed a deposit of £30 straigh away to book the job. Next morning really early i had a text from them saying that it would be impossible as the locksmith had a family emergency and that they just could come the following day. I called them and said that i needed the job done that day and they told me that i could look for someone else and they would refund me the £30, which i did and sort myself out to put the car running again. They told me that the refund should take about 5 days to show up in my account, which it didn't. I called them several times and they always told me they were going to check the transaction and asked always for my card details again. Last week I called them again to say that no refund from them was showing in my account and again they asked for my details over the phone and said it was done and that it would take again another 5 days to show in my statement. Yesterday it was the 5th day and nothing from my refund. So I called again today and when I identified myself they hung up on my and now they don't answer my calls. I would like to know what I can do to have my money back, once they were the ones that could not provide the service and agreed to a refund that is not happening. Sorry for the long text. Thank you for your help.
  5. Thank you very much. Will go in the post still today. Thanks again.
  6. Do you mean this one? Thanks. (Your home address) __________________ __________________ Date:______________ To: without prejudice Dear Sir/Madam Account No: You have contacted me/us regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself/ourselves. I/we would point out that under the limitation act 1980 Section 5: “An action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.” I/we would point out that in their debt collection Guidance, the OFT regard the following unfair or improper business practice for a creditor to: •pursue the debt under circumstances in which the debtor has heard nothing from a creditor during the relevant limitation period. •continue to press a debtor for payment after he has stated that he will not be paying a debt because it is statute barred. The last payment or acknowledgement of this debt was made over six years ago and no further acknowledgement or payment has been made since that time. Unless you can provide evidence of payment or written contact from me/us in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act, I/we suggest that you are no longer able to take any court action against me/us to recover the alleged amount claimed. I/we await your written confirmation that no further contact will be made concerning the above account and that this matter is now closed. Yours faithfully (Your signature)
  7. Hi ims21, It's not in my credit report for about 2 years. And now i'm sure last payment was 2006. Thank you.
  8. Hello CAG, I come again in search of your help. I got a letter today in the post from Red Debt Collection Services on behalf of Blackhorse saying that i need to pay the amount owed in full or to arrange a payment plan with them. The last time that i paid any moneys to this account was in 2006/2007 not sure, but not after that and it was directly still to Blackhorse. I believe to be 2006 thinking... What's you advice? Thank you.
  9. Hi Sequenci, Thank you for your quick reply and help. It will go today in the post. Thank you again.
  10. Hello Cag, I got a letter today in the post from Equidebt requesting payment for a old credit card i had from Barclaycard. They say i owe them £963.05. I believe my last payment into this account was 2005 / 2006. T hey are threatning with a doorstep agent coming around. So far as I read i believe this should be statued barred. They give 14 to respond to this letter. There's nothing in my Credit Report relating to this. What should I do? Thank you.
  11. Hi Lee, already send the email through the link provided but didn't get a reference number. I got an email from vodafone confirming reception. Please advise. Thanks.
  12. Hi guys, thank you for your replies. But now i'm a bit confused.. should i send or not the sb letter? Thanks.
  13. Hi guys, thank you for your replies, but i'm a bit confused now... should i send or not the sb letter? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have the same kind of problem here. I got a letter from lowell saying that i open an account with vodafone in 22/07/2004. Which is true. I stop making paymentos in june/july 2005 due to job loss. What should i do now? The amount in the letter is £1019.99. It's been 8 years now. Should i send them the statued barred letter that you advise here? Thank you for your help.
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