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  1. trading standards are still looking into them due to the wording of the cover. you are covered for MISHAPS, is clearly stated on you ure paper work. Then u are cover for what ever happens. Never speak on the phone, keep a record of letters u have sent. Scream to anyone who will listen. Dont back down when u hit the first wall. Keep going. God even the first trading stardard women backed them. I went back got someone else and now look, trading stardards are'nt happy with the wording. so hopefulyl something may change and help others. But please dont give up. Oh i got my new tv so am a happy bunny. so again a big thanks for all the advice guys.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys. i fought and fought coz i was in the right. 20 mins ago i got a email from DSG informing me they have had a change of heart and decided TO RIGHT MY TV OFF. thank god. so ive printed my invoice of and reserve my new tv today. i will pick it up. its ony took 8 weeks. but i made it and never gave up hope. the pen is mighter good. my advice if ure in the right FIGHT. Thanks again for the advice.
  3. they have informed me that they are not going to change thier minds as it was damaged due to misuse, but refuse to expand on this. i would not recommend this insurance to anyone as i dont believe they ever have any intention to pay out due to an accident, as they will always use the misuse card.
  4. if anyone wants to read the contract i'll email u a copy.
  5. I dont know how to upload it here. i ve scanned it. any help wold be great.
  6. Thats trading standards took over my case from today. so hopefully i'll get somewhere with them as well. I get another letter away today. thanks again for the advice.
  7. Well almost a week since i sent my letter to dsg and still no response.
  8. Thanks for the feed back. i'll be honest if there was more to this on my own part, i would just quite and call it a day. It was a accident the tv was only 10months old so didnt need a new one. All i want is my tv fixed nothing more. not a new one just mines.
  9. I read the small print and with what happened i should still be covered. To be honest i dont care about a name. I paid my money for the service and now i require the service. Do i not deserve this service because some on thought my story didnt match the so call damage to the tv.
  10. Ok, Iam just that upset. its getting to me a little now. I wait for the letter and see what they say.
  11. just contacted what everhappens and been told my cover is cancelled. coz when on wed i got the tv back unrepaired i told the to cancel it. still on the same call i told them to jsut not to bother and was told no promblem. now there saying i have no cover. coz they cant cover some thing that is already broken. this is getting worse. trading standards are taken my case. so i still hold on to some little hope.
  12. Will do, thanks for the advice. i think am still in shock with all this. i am thinking i may change my story and say a ufo crash into my tv. they may fix it then.lol
  13. No sorry, i didnt have time to get to post office, so i was just sent it 1st class . should i do another one this time recorded.
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