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  1. Hi all,

    can somebody tell me what will happen or what my options are?


    After all the bank charges fiasco I was left with £1100 bank charges which lloyds couldnt wait to default me on. I'm now paying this back at £10 /month. Im half way through the 6 years of the default (am I correct in saying It shows on record for 6 years??), by my calcs I will still have a balance of debt at the completion of the 6 years what happens then?

    Will that be the end of it and lloyds write it off? Will the default go on or start again?

    will lloyds take a reduced settlement or try to get one?

    thanks for any help


  2. Hi all,

    After the bank charges disaster, i owed lloyds around £1100 in charges.

    I agreed with lloyds to pay back this at £10 a month, which I have been doing since 2010.


    Right through this process, I have also been having letters off Credit Security saying that I should be paying them because I have defaulted.

    Everytime, I have replied to say I have not defaulted and pay the agreed amount every month to lloyds.


    I had a phonecall off them yesterday and theyve now told me that lloyds should have notified me to pay credit security, and that they will notify lloyds to send me a letter to say this.


    Can they do this?

    My agreement is with lloyds and I have not broken this.

    I want to continue this agreement with lloyds as i fear that credit security will force higher repayments on me?


    Any advice please



  3. Hello,

    i want to amend my claim to misrepresentation.

    I'm £1150 overdrawn with lloyds - all snowballed charges from an account i didnt use!

    I just want them to wipe it and close my account with no comebacks.

    From what ive read on the FAQ's ill need evidence in the way of a letter they sent me when they were charging me as proof of them misrepresenting their charges?? I probably havent got one of these so are their any documents on here that i can use?




  4. Hi,

    I owe lloyds £1150 from a bank account i stopped using. I must have gone overdrawn once with this account and between the monthly fee and overdraft charges it has snowballed to this amount (it was around £500 more but they reduced it)


    I went through the route of claiming back my charges - case was put on hold etc etc.

    Then went through the hardship route because i could not afford the repayments lloyds wanted - FOS ruled for lloyds eventually.


    LLoyds finally said that they would stop further charges occurring but would invlove a DCA.


    I had a few phonecalls off Allied International and now ive had threatening letters and phonecalls off Moorcroft.


    A lot of the history to this story can be seen at previous posts;-

    dyn27/aic/lloyds & Can anyone explain CCA's to me (in this forum)


    I've attached the moorcroft letter also


    I'm really worried about this and dont know what to do next. I really need the advice

    Thanks dyn27


  5. hello,

    ive put a few threads on here before about my lloyds overdraft/hardship/charges case.

    Ive had another phonecall tonight off Moorcroft Debt Recovery threatening court action which upset me yet again!!

    At the moment this is what i'm thinking and want advice on.


    1) i'm going to send the template letter off this site about threatening DCA's etc to Moorcroft


    2) After having my case for hardship rejected by the FOS, i'm going to contact lloyds again telling them of my intention to reclaim my charges back under the new rules, on these grounds;

    i) lloyds fully knew that i did not use the account, but still charged a monthly fee and a number of overdraft charges each month because the monthly fee would take me more overdrawn. Every month these charges have snowballed to around £1150


    ii) LLoyds call centre informed me that as i did not live near the original branch, i could call into any branch and downgrade to a basic account. But when i did, i was told i could'nt as i was overdrawn! (although i have no specific dates)


    iii) even though i eventually claimed hardship because i could not keep up the repayments - lloyds never means tested me to actually find out what i could realistically afford each month.


    3) My original claim was for something in the region of £2500. I was considering asking them to just close my account and wipe my overdraft clean as a settlement? I'd be happy with that just to get the DCA off my back.


    4) what actual power has this DCA actually have? How far will they go? They have told me that they are acting for lloyds (not owning the debt)


    5) Is it worth asking to go straight to court and have a judge rule it? have i got grounds?


    I have tried looking through the forums but i'm a bit upset with the DCA phoning and nothing seems to be going in??!!


    Thanks for all your help. I hope ive made sense



  6. Hello all,

    I wrote in to this forum last month regarding debt collectors (allied international) demanding my lloyds debt of £1200.

    I had lots of good advice, but there has been developments!!


    I recieved a letter this morning from Moorcroft Debt Recovery again demanding the money and threatening litigation and legal proceedings if i dont pay in 7 days.


    The debt is from an unsuccessful bank charges claim with 'hardship', i couldnt afford the payback charges lloyds wanted, and now these companies expect me to pay all up front?


    The last time i spoke to allied, i made them an offer of a small contribution every month and then a final settlement in October of this year (i have some money coming to me). Was this fair? Should i be offering this?


    This is really worrying me now and any help will be very much appreciated




  7. Thank you. The case has been dismissed by the foc. Thanks for your advice, its what i wanted to tell them the first time they rang, but wasnt sure of their credibility or my rights etc.

    They rang again ealier(before i had your reply) and were a lot less threatening. They offered me a reduced figure if i could pay in 2 days time. I again ststed that i was in no state to repay a lump sum, and they also said that they would take my offer back to lloyds - they have never mentioned lloyds before, only that they know of my debt with them.

    thanks again


  8. Hello, Could somebody please give me some advice.


    I was involved in claiming back my bank charges from lloyds like a lot of others. I didnt use the account i had with them, but because they wouldnt close the account i accrued an unauthorised overdraft of around £1300 - all charges! I attemted and hoped to get this overdraft wiped clean and to reclaim other previous charges with them.


    While the court case was going on, i applied to the FOS to have my case looked at through the Financial hardship route - I genuinely couldnt afford the repayments lloyds wanted me to repay the overdraught. Lloyds eventually told me all they could do was to refer my debt to a recovery company.


    THIS IS THE BIT THAT WORRIES ME - just before Christmas i had a phone call off a company, I think it is Allied International?, i explained that the case was still with the FOS, which at the time it was.


    I have now had another phone call off this company demanding my employers details so that they can take the £1300 out of my wages. They have asked me if I drive a car that they could take and they have asked how i intend to repay the debt. As well as asking if i have any savings.


    I have offered to pay a small monthly amount (of which i can afford), until October and then settle the rest of the debt in one payment. (i will be given shares in October that will cover the debt). i have refused to give my employers details at the moment, but the worry is getting to me of what powers they have and what they could do.


    If anyone has a bit of knowledge or advice about these things i would be very grateful.

    Thank you


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