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  1. Thanks Rob! I never seem to be lucky with these things. They end up saying tough to me!
  2. The problem is that customers spending hundreds of pounds a month in Tesco and the least they can do is to make sure that their special offers they deliberately use to get more sales are correct. I'm not saying that Tesco should be super human, why the attitude? I was making a simple point to make other people aware about the fact they have to double check offers in Tesco. How hard is it to have an alert system for staff so they know when to remove offers? My opinion is that if it is on the shelf, that price should stand. Morrisons and Asda take down the signs and then invalidate the offe
  3. Ok sorry, i'll keep out of it. My mum is a buy as you view customer and has a problem at the minute so yes i have a connection. ive been following for a while to find out more about them
  4. i cant believe they've been taken down - no wonder i couldn't find it. thats a bit naughty. Any problems I have I would prefer the company say sorry and sort them out here
  5. I'm told that it is when there is a special offer tag on the product. Sometimes these do not come up when the product goes through the checkout so you have to make sure they do. If it doesn't they are happy to refund the difference but then you have the hassle of going through customer services etc for the sake of a pound or so. And that's if you do notice. Also, the special offer tags have dates on them for when the offer starts and ends. Sometimes these aren't taken down in time so you think you're getting an offer but it has expired. Double check these purchases, the dates are writ
  6. Apparently when you see a deal on the shelf in Tesco, they don't always come up on the till. Has anyone had any problems with this? My friend told me and I'm worried I've been overpaying!
  7. Does anyone know how to negotiate chepaer gym membership? I quite because it was too expensive per month. I did a trial at esporta but didn't sign up. He called me at the end of the month offering it much cheaper!
  8. at least they monitor forums like this though and try to help. i saw one where they gave the name of a cutomer service person saying sorry for the problem. i can't find it now though, i think it's disappered
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