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  1. Thanks for everyones replies. Ive pointed my ex in the direction of a SAR etc so will see if there is anything we can do from there. As a side note, does anyone know how I can extract my share of the money held by the solicitor ? I believe the arguement with Moorcroft will go on for a while and I am being chased by debtors and would ideally like to use some of the money held by the solicitor to get them off my back.
  2. Hi everyone, Thanks for all your feedback and comments. According to the CRA, Barclays have listed the debt as 18K which includes over 10 years worth of interest ! not bad on a loan that could have been settled last year whilst still giving them a nice profit. I have advised my ex to request from barclays details of charges but will also point her in the direction of a SAR aswell. does anyone know how flexible BPF are in terms of agreeing reduced amounts ? im not looking to pay them anything less than we borrowed but im not prepared to pay them 4K ontop of the 8K just because we had some
  3. Hi dx Thanks for the reply, the original loan was taken out in jan 2009 and was a nothing to pay for 12 months agreement and so the first payment was due in Jan 2010, we sold the property in sept 2011 and my ex paid something each month (not sure how much) and we have been trying to get the loan sorted since then. Not sure if it appears on the cra but I have asked her to check.
  4. Hi Everyone, Been reading lots of threads on here for a while but not added much - sorry about that but I am in need of some help. My ex and I had a conservatory fitted to a house that we owned at the time (which we have now sold) but the loan was in her name as my credit score was poor ! I agreed that I would cover my share of the conservatory when the house was sold and when it came to selling it we found out that Barclays wanted to charge us 50% on top of what we borrowed as my ex hadnt kept up full payments (unknown to me) we originally borrowed 8K and now they
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and have been reading Classe's thread on being taken to court as a buyer but I have a situation as a Seller that I would like to ask you about. I listed a car with a BIN or best offer (private not business), I received several offers and countered a few as they were so low. one of these offers was accepted and the buyer confirmed he would collect the car the following monday. All good ! Now, the buyer is not responding, the person answering his mobile says he bought it last week and hasnt bought any cars, the landline number associated with the b
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