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  1. Thanks for the reply i am going out today to try and get to see someone from the cab office.My landlord says this is a private matter and he does not want to discuss it so i cant get any info from him on what kind of mortgage he has and he keeps asking me for the rent which is due at the end of jan,but i paid him a deposit and there is no mention of that either.i have wrote a letter to my landlord last night and will post it in his letter box today saying i wish my deposit back and a letter of notice so i can then go to my local authority and try to get somewhere to live from them i am hoping i am doing the right thing but i dont want to give him the rent untill i know where i stand legally. ann from falkirk
  2. Im a private tenant and have just been informed my landlord has not been paying the mortgage on the property.in 2 weeks time if my landlord has not sorted anything out with the bank they will start procedings to reposses the property.I need some advice from someone i need to know how long will it take before the bank take the property and put me and my family out.I have 2 young kids and i am on benefits. ann from falkirk:cry:
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