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  1. Hi, I have recently moved to China to study and ultimately teach English. I have no income and have large unsecured debt in the UK. I have been paying reduced affordable payments to all of my creditors for 3 years (all interest on accounts has stopped and in many cases I believe the debts have been sold). My debts are as follows : Original Debtor Collection Company Value of Debt Account opened Default Date Egg Credit card CapQuest £3.2k May 03 Nov 06 HFC CapQuest £960 Aug 05 Feb 07 Egg Loan CapQuest £11.5k Mar 06 Dec 06 Virgin credit card Marlin/Arrow £3.5k Nov 02 Aug 07 Capital One None £732 Feb 04 Sep 08 Cahoot Loan Santander £4.2k Jun 03 Jun 07 Alliance Leicester Santander £6k Nov 03 Feb 07 IF IF Halifax £3.5k Oct 05 Mar 08 I also had 2 other debts which I settled last year at 60% and 50% however they also originally defaulted. I have the letter confirmation that both were payment for full and final settlement but I am a little worried about how it is reflected on my credit files (Experian and Equifax). Status on both is still "Default" with the balance still showing, minus the amount I paid. The history stops at the date I paid the settlement. Is this correct? Anyway back to the main reason for the thread. Now that I have little to no income and now living in China, how should I approach my outstanding debts (total £35k). My father has offered to lend me money to try and achieve a pro rata type settlement agreement with all my creditors. What would be reasonable considering my circumstances? Any suggestions on how to approach this would be greatly appreciated. All of the debts are unsecured and I have no assets in the UK. I am still very embarrassed by allowing my finances to get so out of control, however I have been in control since 2007, once I had negotiated payment plans for all my debts. I have read a number of threads on this site, following successful stories where people have proven agreements are unenforceable, reclaimed interest and significantly reduced the amount they need to pay. I do however feel I have a morale obligation to pay.... Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, JC
  2. Hi, I have been paying £280 per month to 7 different creditors for the past 3 years for a debt (total value £36k). I negotiated with DCAs once my debts had been passed on or sold by the original companies. I'm not particularly proud of my actions but I have been paying significantly less than I could afford and subsequently saving so that I am now in a position to settle most of my debts. I have read a number of posts on this site and can 100% agree with how difficult DCAs are to deal with and after 3 years my address and contact details are now unknown to them although I am still paying the original agreed monthly amount. Most of the debts relate to credit agreements from 2002-2007 and would like some advise on how to proceed. 1. Should I first check that agreements are enforceable 2. Advice on how to reach a settlement figure 3. How to process payment to ensure the debt will not be chased in the future 4. Will all DSOs agree to a settlement 5. Implications on credit file My next course of action is key considering I will be making myself available for contact (and we all know how stressful this can be - although when I finally negotiated payment plans 3 years ago I started to have some fun when I realised most of the DSO threats lacked substance). I was considering moving abroad for work and just ignoring the debts completely however I would rather draw a line under this entire situation. Any help and advise will be greatly appreciated! James.
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