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  1. I was worrying over nothing received full refund today of £1633.15. Woo Hoo
  2. I filled and sent back the AQ. I've no specific request for a bundle, but i read on here that I should send in all the details ill need in the hearing 14 days before it goes to court.
  3. My court date has been set for the 21st of December. But I didn't realise I had to send the court bundle 14 days before my case. What should I do? Send it tomorrow? whats likely to happen? Thanks in advance.
  4. Thank you for your replies Do natwest close your account? Have any of these cases gone to court?
  5. I am in the process of claiming 1216 + 197 interest from natwest . I received the AQ form and the letter from cobbetts regarding schedule of charges on Thursday last week. I am yet to respond and send off the £100. I had the date of the case come through for the 21th december. Today I received a letter from cobbets offering £800. I am tempted to accept this as I am so skint and struggling to get the £100 for the court costs. But I know that would be stupid. What I would like to know is what is likely to happen next? Are cobbets likely to take this to court or will they settle just before. I had decided before to accept any thing over £1100 is it worth writing to them say that i'll accept £1100? HAve any of these cases gone to court? Thankyou
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