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  1. Most will defer to their Debt collectors after 3 months, much easier to deal with then.
  2. What argument is there for banning people from advertising in the day though? Rates are very high, but I suppose in their defence they'll claim at least they tell their rate.
  3. I think Robjam knows a few of the different companies bank details, message him.
  4. How's it working out? Having my own problems with them at the moment. Will post in a new thread.
  5. They will not be able to dip into your account if you have cancelled the card that you provided them. They would need the last 3 digit's on the back of your new card which will be different to the old one. why don't you call them to arrange a payment plan rather than ignoring the calls or waiting for clarity to write to you. I am sure they will be happy to arrange a payment plan so they can get there money back some how otherwise they will lose out totally.
  6. Companies can only take what's on your card at that time. Get a standing order set up or you'll get stung like i did.
  7. is there a certain number of days before it is due that it needs to be cancelled?
  8. pre-paid debit cards are decent, just deposit what you want to spend, when you want to spend it.
  9. thats right, you should always stay in touch, win over the account manager and they can usually sort you out
  10. Hiya, wonga are really bad when contacting through email, well have been with me. if you call them im sure they will give them to you.
  11. yes they are quite good, so many around these days, sometimes hard to tell who is a broker and who is a lender?!
  12. yes they do have reason to charge, it is very high risk lending. i dont agree with the whole system but when used properly it helps me out. been done over a few times though!
  13. yes definately read the T&C's if you want a loan for 7 days, you might aswel apply for a 3 day period and then send a letter to cancel after 7. They will call collect the payment but when i didnt i got no confirmation until i rang them to check!. they dont like giing out money for free
  14. lol yeh deffinately from their employees!! its as if they are trying to give payday loans a really fun and friendly image. they are used when yu are despearate and they are nothing to be proud of however when used correctly, are a god send. i am however bored of their tv advert, seeing positive press about them then viewing posts here with people talking about how wonga screwed them over.
  15. i have only used them once and had no problems but i have never needed to put money in their account as my card is fine. The charges however are ridiculously high!!!!
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