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  1. Sorry to pop in. Did they remove all interest and just leave the original principal? If I may ask, have they made it clear that if you pay this off you're also clear in the UAE as well? I.e. if you pay, and then travel to the UAE, you're OK because the debt will have been cleared there?
  2. Thanks DX, appreciate the reply Now I know not to trust that site. Since I'm interested in seeing if there is any way to pay the original debt so that I can travel through Dubai, rather than the exorbitant amount it's probably become by now, I was looking at other sites that can possibly check on whether there is a ban registered against me in the UAE. I found [removed - HB]. Has anyone heard good/bad things about that site? Also, original question still stands if anyone can help. Has anyone on CAG successfully negotiated with a bank to repay the amount after being out
  3. Since then my circumstances have changed a lot and I'm interested in seeing if it's possible to repay the debt so I can travel to / through GCC countries. I've read that the banks hike up the interest rates to astronomical amounts, so wanted to see if anyone had successfully contacted them after leaving to arrange paying back the borrowed amount without interest? Some more info: Although I'm British, I don't live in the UK, and have never been directly contacted by a debt collector or UAE bank since I left the UAE. It's 10 years since I left the UAE
  4. Have talked to a couple of solicitors, and essentially what they're saying is that a foreign court judgement can be brought into the UK and enforced via UK courts. See these two docs for more info: http://www.lavellecoleman.ie/cuuploads/editor/file/EnforcementofForeignJudgementsinEnglandandWales.pdf PART 74 - ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS IN DIFFERENT JURISDICTIONS - Ministry of Justice - section 1 So, if I follow this correctly, the Dubai court can issue a judgement, and the creditor can act to have it applied in the UK. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience in whether th
  5. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. To answer Ruprecht's questions: Does anyone know of any cases at all like this? I've not yet found a case where someone with a Dubai debt, or even a UAE debt, has been taken to court. There does not seem to be any precedent I can find. EDIT: one more thing I forgot, which may back up what fuzzybobble said. When you take out any kind of loan in the UAE you sign a single, blank, undated cheque (if you're takng out a car loan you also pre-sign and pre-date all the monthly cheques in advance). What happens if you do not make a payment is
  6. Thanks David. Would it make any difference if a UK DCA purchased the debt, even though the original debt (and agreements etc.) were from Dubai? The reasons I ask is because I've been researching through this forum and found this post on a similar topic: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/42988-debt-too-old.html#post405373
  7. Just a quickie bump. I've been researching this issue for some months now (for obvious reasons) and have not found a single case where someone who has debt in Dubai (or non-EU) has had their debt enforced in the UK. However I would really appreciate any comments/help other CAG'ers can give on this. There is only one instance, shown in the links below, where a "professional" DCA, based in Dubai, has said action can be taken in the UK. If anyone else reads this and has debt in Dubai, here are some links I've found during my research (they may make interesting
  8. Hi All, First of all - great site. Have just spent an hour searching and going through threads and learning a lot. However I've not yet been able to find a definitive answer to a question: Can overseas debt be enforced in the UK? I'm a Brit living in the UK, but due to loss of job had to leave Dubai (where the debt was created). Can the bank in Dubai try to recover the debt in the UK or can it sell on the debt and can DCA's try to recover it? It's a mortgage plus some credit card debt. We paid off what we could before we left, and made sure our employees were looked after (
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