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  1. Hi I also left Abu Dhabi with debt in 2014 and was contacted via a letter from a uk debt recovery agency in 2015 asking for full amount plus interest I was in no position to even pay any of the debt let alone set up instalments so I sent an email stating the facts and I was never contacted again until now with a very similar letter asking for the full amount and a lot more interest on top they are asking me to contact them for full payment or the reasons why I can not pay also asking to send someone out for a home visit from there field partner to resolve the account or court action . also quoting the January 2013 memorandum of guidance which can now be enforced in the uk . Anybody able to give me  guidance.

    1. unclebulgaria67


      You should post a new thread in the overseas forum in the debt section of the site. 


      Yes you could receive a UK Court claim at some stage, but should receive a PAP letter first. Don't ignore if you receive such a letter or a Court claim.





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