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  1. just keep sending them the same offer, thats what I did, make sure you keep everything you send to them, soon as it went to the DCA I forwarded them all the emails I sent them regarding my offer etc. and they accepted straight away, no haggling.
  2. not updated this thread for a while so here is the latest. now 4 months into the agreed repayment plans for Wonga, Payday UK and Txt Loan feels good seeing the balance coming down. QuickQuid and Payday Express I left until it went to a DCA, both accepted my 12 months repayment plan almost straight away, no haggling required, so I am now on repayment plans for all my payday loans. I have learnt my lesson from this and will NEVER do anything as silly again, its a great feeling knowing that the balances are dropping, last month I got a promotion at work so I am going to use the extra money to pay them off quicker, then within a year I will be debt free!!!!
  3. Update: Payday UK have agreed to my plan, woohoo! Just Payday Express and QuickQuid to deal with now, Payday Express will go onto a DCA as they are just unwilling to help, QuickQuid have agreed to the 6 months plans but still won't give bank details so I am not prepared to pay them in any other form so looks like ill have to wait for a DCA with them also.
  4. just a quick update from me, still no where further forward with the remaining 3 but I will keep pestering them
  5. how are you paying them though? they agreed to a 6 month repayment plan with me but are refusing to give out bank details, I will pay by standing order only, any other way gives them access to your bank details so they are free to raid your account whenever they like.
  6. Thanks for all your advice so far, its been ages since I have been able to relax and not have to worry all the time!
  7. well a quick update, nothing much has changed really. Payday Express are refusing so I will continue to send them my offer until it goes to a DCA. Payday UK have agreed to the first 3 months so I will take this as I believe I will be able to clear this quicker. QuickQuid still wont give out bank details so I will continue to request it until it goes to a DCA. mail has been arranged to be held so I can collect it in person, feel good about things now
  8. QQ have told me they do not give out their bank details to the public, but I will continue to send emails to them, it will eventually go to a DCA but they will then accept the repayment plan. PTP although they are nice on the phone to you, never trust anyone from these companies, keep everything in writing or email, that way you have evidence if you need to use it against them, they are notorious for denying phone calls ever took place. You can keep sending the email to Payday Express, they however won't accept a repayment plan unless they have bank statements etc (which they will use to raid your account) stick to your guns, they will not take you to court, it will go to a DCA first who you will then be able to negotiate a repayment plan with, I am in the same boat as you in regards to payday express and this is what I am going to do. it seems daunting at first, I know thats how I felt but after some great advice from the people on here, I am on track to getting things sorted out, its a great feeling once you are back in control, keep at it!
  9. keep to your guns on this superhopper! I was exactly the same as you, decided enough was enough and defaulted last month, I had several payday loans also, this is my dealings so far: QuickQuid - Accepted a 6 month repayment plan, I am still battling with them to give me their bank details, ill let it go to a DCA if they still refuse, I just email them my offer every day. Payday UK - agreed to the first 3 months of my plan then they would put it up for review, I have been pushing them to agree to the full plan in writing incase they try add on any further charges later on. Payday Express - had no luck with them, they also asked for the above, I refuse to give them bank statements etc. so if they will not play ball ill let it go to a DCA. Wonga - agreed to my plan straight away and first payment is already on its way to them. Txtloan - same as wonga Capital Finance One - I had huge problems with them, managed to clear them off by selling junk I didnt need. Minicredit - again horrible to deal with so I managed to clear them asap. just keep going at it, I feel so much better already, the stress was really getting me down! stick to writing/emails and keep everything!! mortgage etc. comes first always! they will try the bully tactics on you but do not let them.
  10. well I am having trouble with Payday Express, they are refusing to accept a repayment plan unless I send them bank statements or proof that my financial situation has changed and will continue to add interest and charges. QuickQuid are still refusing to supply me with bank details, they are insisting on direct debit, paypal etc. every method they can raid my account with, they have now changed their offer back down to 3 months instead of the original 6. Payday UK want to accept my plan but only for the first 3 months then they will review my account, is this worthwhile doing or will they simple apply these amounts to interest and charge me the same after the 3 months anyway? Wonga, Txt loan are dealt with and a payment plan has been set up. CFO and minicredit are cleared. If I can sort out the top 3 then I will be in a happier place, I am already less stressed though they are starting to send more letters to the house I dont want this as I am in a position where I can get out this mess myself (thanks to you guys) and really dont want to give my parents any reason to worry.
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind words, I feel so much better about everything now, before I was getting really depressed, had been through a very rough patch and this was just making things worse for me, however now I happy and a damn sight wiser when it comes to money, the more I can pay off the more money it free's up to clear others, I am looking at being debt free quicker than I thought this site has been a life saver!
  12. well a bit of good luck came my way over the weekend, being debt free is more important to me than fancy gadgets so decided to sell my iphone and anything else I dont really need, so I have raised some extra funds that allowed me to clear the Capital Finance One loan, they agreed to remove all fees if i paid it in full and they did just that, I only had to pay the original amount owed. so thats two down now everyone else has agreed to repayment plans except paydak uk and payday express, but we are getting there
  13. CFO have got back in contact, a different person this time, I have been threatened with the door to door collections in which i sent the relevant letter to them about, they replied by saying that they can and will do this. I have been told they are wanting to remove all fines and charges and come to an arrangement but only after I make regular token payments, do they think I am stupid? token payments so they can off set them against the charges they are adding, I have tried several times for them to come to an agreement but they keep saying the same thing, we are wanting to help you and are wanting to come to an arrangement however we cannot do so since I have made no payment. any ideas?
  14. Sillygirl, sorry to ask but how do I go about raising a complaint to the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards?
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