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  1. Perfect, thanks DX. As I suspected, but thought it wise to double check
  2. Hi all, I have received calls and texts today from Link regarding this account again. Thoughts?
  3. Well... Update time. I have today received in the post a notice of discontinuance of the legal proceedings from Kearns. YAY! A massive huge thank you firstly to dx. You sir are a hero and your knowledge and time was invaluable and greatly appreciated. Also to Andy and UncleBulgaria for your help too. Greatly appreciated! Donation made!
  4. They have now sent me a "statement of account" and the amount has increased from the original amount they have set out on the original claim. Oh this is fun.
  5. Amusing how they have waited until a week after it's stayed to write to me rather than just going in for the kill if they truly believe it is not statute barred surely they would have just gone for it, right?
  6. I have today received another letter from Kearns. And it's absolutely hilarious. It's a "response" to my CPR request and also another pleading letter to ask me to remove my defence because it's not statute barred as they've provided evidence of payment made in the last 6 years. Hahaha They've sent me the same statement that they've sent with the previous letter showing last payment made was 6th June 2011. They've sent me account history showing transactions from 2006 - 2008. They've sent me a b/s "credit agreement" with no signature from me on it anywhere and it's a
  7. So if I do not hear from the courts by the 17th October, it is autostayed and I should only act if I hear anything from the courts, just ignore anything Kearns or Link send to me as it is SB
  8. Sorry, attached wrong PDF, please find letter below from Kearns stating they claim is not SB They also attach a letter they want me to sign and return to the courts saying m defence should be withdrawn, no way am I doing that! It's def SB! Kearns Response to defence.pdf
  9. Hi Guys, Have received response from Kearns regarding my statute barred defence. I have attached to this post the PDF's, one is the letter from Kearns telling me it is not statute barred and the other is the "transactions / statement of account" from Link showing no payments made by me after the 6th June 2011. The only thing it shows after this are fees and interest added on in 2017 by Kearns and Link. Am going to conduct research on other threads, but I fail to see how this is not statute barred, they issued the Claim on the 23 Aug 2017 an admit the last time I paid or acknow
  10. Don't, suffered with terrible "roids" the past few days. I have only just returned to normality! hahaha ok TMI.
  11. today I received a response from Kearns to my CPR request. Uploaded as PDF for you. Thoughts please? I've yet to file my defence as I was curious to see what they came back with and I still have quite a bit of time to do so. kearns no documents.pdf
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