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  1. Afternoon Chaps! Been a long time, had an old MBNA debt (ccj and co from them.) Optima had sold the debt on to MEIII and were adding interest to the credit card debt etc etc they have never ever sent any statement of account, never informed me they were going to charge it etc etc. now optima are passing it all on to mortimer clarke... i now have three different letters with three different amounts owed!!! The last one from Optima was roughly where the amount should be after paying all these years! Now MeIII shows it at £6
  2. Cheers Cad! So i dont need to bother with a letter for them then? Cos i really cant be bothered writing to them, but would like to point out that ive never missed a payment and its a court order etc etc! Thanks as always Cad"
  3. Hi Cad! Hope your well? Yeah i get same sort of thing from optima... But this one from Rectums states if i dont reply by 17th then they will cancel agreement and seek the usual court baliff etc etc...
  4. And just checking! are they legally entitled to an [email protected] form or is it just the court that can ask for it please? Just checking before i write them a nice snotty letter on Monday! Regards.
  5. Thanks for the reply! and am sure they are trying it on just not quite happy about the threatening context of the letter! Regards.
  6. just had a letter from Restons threatening me to fill out an I&E form etc etc and if i dont send by 17th this month they may cancel my agreement ( wonder if the court will mind as its part of the ccj payment they set) and instigate legal/ and or recovery process! ow can i ignore the sods as its a court ordered payment? or can i just send em a snobby letter back pointing out the obvious? Any thoughts please!
  7. Well its was signed for anyway! But have not heard a peep out of them so don't know if that's good or bad lol!!! As in no receipt at all? Bil
  8. Hi Cad! Thanks for that! Was going to send them an email as i really don't want to talk to them so will send em a PO with reference number etc etc and a quick note with an explanation on it! How's that sound? Bil..
  9. Thanks for that! At least my number is withheld!!! Certainly don't want em having that puppy! can send em a Postal order straight away! But its the thought of speaking to these people that caused me a lot of issues!!!!! Just worried that with the ccj and restriction etc etc it will give em leeway to pop to the courts again? But thanks for your quick response... Bil
  10. Hi chaps! Been a while? just another piece of help if you don'y mind? may have missed a payment today to these guys as my card was cloned in London and my account has been emptied have only found out just now!!!! bank are fine and will sort it all out in next few days, but am worried that a payment has been missed to these guys? according to my court order don't have to pay till 14th of each month but they want it on 1st etc etc! Not happy that i'll have to phone them to explain, knowing what they are like! But any idea if they have a pay online option?
  11. Thanks for that Mould! Just been through a few of the old letters from Optima and ocassionally it shows that the debt was reducing with the threat-o-grams etc etc then sold on to ME III or whatever they call themselves now? With a total.. Then few months later the optima letter with the extra 2.5k appears on it definitely think they are trying it on now i've seen the old threats? Thanks..
  12. Thanks for that chaps! But the question i'd like to know is? If optima have sold it on to Marlin. Can optima still keep sending these demands and threats? Thanks..
  13. Apart from marlin sending me a letter to confirm they have bought it off mbna i haven't heard a peep from them? it's optima that keep sending all of this, and as they were the ones who took me to court etc etc. They should know this, shouldn't they? Just wondering why if they've sold this on to marlin that Optima are still sending all these lovely letters to me? Regards!
  14. Hi there! Yes family are good thank you, am just getting fed up with these people am trying to get the old head above water and these chaps just can't resist putting the 'old boot in!!!' Not worried about sending them a letter, as i did the above mentioned over a year ago, and got the reply of we confirm your installments and amount etc etc keep paying blah blah... But if they carry on i will be looking at going down that road eventually!!! But just want to know can i just ignore the rather lovely letters they keep dropping? Regards. And another thought, if they'v
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