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  1. March 19, 2007: GE Money, now in 54 countries http://www.innercitypress.org/ge.html Money is power and GE have plenty of that , in fact lets call ourselves Money
  2. yeah ocwen now in trouble , but they replaced a old company , and to rub salt into the wound , ocwen was born , put into a mirror we have NEWCO , new company , this group of bankers hold some magical powers , if thats not an insult then I am cinderella , and GE got hold of it because they are part the set up , look into the history of First National Bank , this is how it all started , the history is amazing ,
  3. Yes very global , they strike like a hurricane and leave devastation , they seems to be problems in every corner of the world , then once a bad name , they switch under a number of company names they use , they always end up with other companies customers , name changes or whatever excuse you want to call it , here is a good one that sticks in my mind , has anyone heard of a company called ocwen, I believe and documents/information in the domain state that a company that had major problems regarding they business methods and actions , disappeared and surfaced with the above name , read it backwards , I was told about this also from a trading standard officer, part of the i*roup, and our good friends are part this group also , they are a law within themselves , how can an American operation source business in forigen fields then treat the said customers the way they do breaching many of our regulations and still the courts find it hard to go against them , and goverment who rubber stamp the legislations/regulations stand back and let our financial interests be wiped out by none uk interest , is it not time the goverment stood up and lay the law of our land to be welcome to operate in our country , Why do these operations feel they can operate this way , if they knew they could not get away with it , do you think they would still be doing this with thouands of uk consumers???????????? the law is they to protect you against these type of set ups , use it , before its too late , do you honestly blame them for doing as they do ?
  4. Must agree the thread is very quiet , seems like everyone disappeared or have given up the fight , we rarely get notification to our email that someone had replied to the thread , this is what GE do best , wear you down , they is many ways to attack them its just getting it right , I have mentioned in many posts our line of attack , been told a few times it was the wrong way to go about things , I beg to differ , but not here to argue , I have seen advice given that would bar your legal right to terminate your agreement , I am not a laywer , but certainly believe we played our cards right , agreement is terminated , just a case of getting the 9 years worth of repayments back with interest , plus huge balance wiped out which removes the charge on the family home , it would be a simple money claim , to reclaim back the unjust enrichment GE have gained over the loan term , It would be great to hear how others are doing , where they are at , or how GE give in or fought on .
  5. well that a shame , but have another copy from a friend dated 2009 , just for the record should you need a copy whoooops , direct link above , I advise all to save to computer for future ref , its an important document have fun with it , eye opening
  6. Well just because a fee on the agreement is shown , does not for one minute suggest that a secret commission was not paid to your broker , the internal is date 2008 , so if your agreement was befor 08 , you can bet your bottom dollar you will have a case , you might just be able to put the clock back
  7. You see they is a few ways to look at this , and internal should make it easy , I am surprised not many are contributing to this thread , has everyone give in? probably sick of waiting on underwriters sheets , come on folks put your thoughts in ,
  8. Notice to Rescind, This is when you kindly inform your lenders by way of notice your legal right to reject the contract and ceased payments with the added bonus of all monies paid returned (with interest) And the internal will put you in this situation if used correctly , the document proves secret commission is paid without doubt, if this is so, then the agreement is voidable , you can now legally Rescind the contract and the lenders will have an impossible job enforcing the agreement against you in any court, The document even removes the need to explain or argue your point in court , bang to rights are the words I was looking for Do not see much excitement in the thread over latest document , its a killer folks , and Newto thanks again , for one who only has a few posts, you have probably posted the most important on the forum for G E customers , well done
  9. I agree Andrew , glad I saved it to file , I will be forwarding this to GE , as you are right it proves 100% that secret commissions are part of the transactions regardless if ppi is included in the agreement , I do not know how they could defend this in court , Another thing , would this remove the need to seek underwriting sheets to prove a commission if a brokers fee is shown on the agreement ? I attacked without sight of the underwriters sheet and alleged a secret commission was part my transaction , on the grounds that the broker was independant and would need to be paid for his work in regard to the loan recieved, My agreement does not state a fee was paid to my broker , it states brokers involved , but no fees , so can safely say I never paid the broker SO WHO DID? This new document proves without doubt I was barking up the right tree, and after viewing this document can see the broker will of recieved a 2nd commission from the sale of the ppi policy , 60% in total , I believe this document should be the final piece of the jigsaw and is dynomite if used correctly looks like a enjoyable weekend constructing another (un-answerable) letter to our friends, not sure if best to quote a few points and see the response , as I think if any form of concealment of these facts , when you have first hand proof straight from the horses mouth , is fraudulent misrepresentation , making the agreement voidable (Rescind) = same results as a secret commission = voidable (Rescind) It will stop the lenders in they tracks once a notice to rescind is sent stating as such, been there done it , can safely say it works just need to stop answering correspondance giving them further opportunities to wriggle out of the allegations with lame reasons for certain aspects, will update response from G E
  10. Yeah great piece of info and helps greatly with secret commission , And explains why some agreements show no brokers fees , because the secret commission are worth more then the standard 10% of net loan upto 45% of PPI policy in commission + 15% of Premium 5.5% commission of the net advance plus fees bang to rights how can it be denied? Another great section in this internal use document , WE WILL WRITE TO YOU ON A MONTHLY BASIS DETAILING ANY CASES THAT HAVE CANCELLED,REQUESTING THE REIMBURSEMENT BROKERS COMMISSION WILL BE CLAWED BACK PLEASE CONTACT YOUR BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER FOR INFORMATION ON THE COMMISSION STRUCTURE conflict of interest is a very likely possibility after reading the above,a commission will be discussed before any agreements or policies are signed or agreeded, Naughty , Naughty
  11. Thanks for all the replies to our thoughts , but arguements about mistakes when not to a term of the contract is a pointless avenue , if this is your fight/arguement you need precedents to back you up , or you will be eaten in court , To be truthful I have not really been on the forum for a good while , but continued my fight against my lenders , my posts never seem to comand the replies or usefull advise we sought, we sought to attack the lenders from outside the box , we went on different points and attacked from OP's for stating such things , well our fight is very much over , we still do not command attention to our posts , so will bow out gracefully I wish you's all the best of luck in the future , were they is a will ,.........
  12. if brokers fee is stated on agreement then you will need to seek the underwriters sheet, to prove a commission was paid , if no fees stated that points to a secret commission , as if you have not paid brokers fees , who has? and was the commission bigger then the brokers fees , hence no need for fees , it can only be a good thing no fees displayed, as its only 1 of the 2 people involved in the transaction who needs to pay the broker in some form of way, if not you , then they is only the lenders left who could of possibly paided the broker, proof of secret commission without the need of underwriters sheet,
  13. How to prove a secret commission without an underwriters sheet , Are you struggling to prove they is a secret commission tainting your agreement which if proven is classed as a fraudlent element making the agreement voidable? Please look on your credit agreement , next to brokers name does it contain a figure ? if it does not state a figure , then you have not paid for the brokers services and proves that a secret commission was part of your transaction , which is deemed to be a fraudulant element which gives the principal the legal right to rescinder the contract You do not need to request the underwriters sheet to prove your allegations , as the onus will be placed with the lender , and I find it hard to see how the lenders could explain that they did not pay a commission to the broker if the principal had not paid for these services as stated on the agreement , just a brokers name is a tell tale sign that the agreement has a fraudulant element which renders the agreement rescinded, void,terminated, unenforcable, I know my take on things are different to others and have been told off a few times regarding my thoughts and approach to things , but if one way does not work then we must try another approach to acheive our objectives which is for me to part company with G E as I am not comfy or happy to continue this relationship which is built on fraud and deciet with a sole purpose to possess the property to maximumise profits , as no other reason to conduct business the way their do to seek unjust enrichment where they is a will there is a way , hope you find yours and continue the fight best wishes all
  14. I believe that the 3rd party would also be buying they liabilities , correct me if I am wrong , Thanks Maybelline
  15. Hi Folks Well back again , but this time with some good news , I have been reading some old threads and these just seem to stop like this one , I was hopeing to hear of loads of victories and progress regarding this secret commission business Would be great to hear how all are getting on , but will take some time to catch up on some threads, Well hear is our great news which I hope will inspire others to continue the fight, We have now officially parted company with G E Money and rescinded the contract , in doing so we have removed the threat of repossession and their legal right to enforce the agreement , We have tested the strength of our arguements and informed our good friends we will be making no more payments or committing any acts which affirm the contract , we understand we can not recover any losses ,once we are aware of our rights to rescind the contract , so please accept that no payments is a rejection of the contract and that I am making you aware of my legal right to void this agreement We are now in our 10th week after informing them of the above , we have not made any payments in this time , our friends are staying quiet, we have sent a second letter over a week ago , which I kindly informed them , that now the agreement is rescinded due to fraud , any loss sustained will be sought in damages, As both lenders have suspended possession orders , if main lender take possession of my home I will seek the equity lost, which will be over £100,000 + (the difference in what my home is worth , to the amount owed on 1st charge) As the unlawfull payments have played a part in current situation with main lender, My plan seems to be working fine , but need a few thoughts on this , should I start a money claim for the total amount of payments made ? I state the agreement is rescinded, I am entitled to what I have paid out to G E Money Also I have stated I will tender back the amount received, they still will not acknowledge , I have tried to find the protocol the lenders should adhere to , I came across the TILA (Truth In Lending Act) but believe this is U.S Law, it states lenders have 20 days from notice to rescind , to acknowledge , remove security interest , return monies paid , If not adhered to then , the agreement is still rescinded (void) security interest is still removed, monies and interest still owed, but obligation to pay back the principal amount is no longer a requirement , I have searched for the uk version / Acts , which would cover this , plus I read in earlier posts , that the principal amount would be gifted, is the precidented? any thoughts on this will be appreciated , hope all are well , look forward to your replies , and if PT is about will be great to hear your thoughts on this best wishes
  16. fought to avoid court ? do you have your own thread as we are travelling down the same road and any advice or updates would be nice as you seem ahead of me , thanks in advance
  17. Hi , did you start the proceedings yourself ? I too are about to start proceedings against G E , very interested in your thoughts , will look for your thread , best of luck in the coming months.
  18. So are they allowed to charge interest on the outstanding arrears , if in a repayment plan with lenders in place to reduce arrears, monthly interest charged / double the monthly contracual payment
  19. Hey , thanks Homer , just looking over FOS website , I have a copy of your Underwriters sheet from way back , my case stopped in August due to the loophole I referred to , I am ready to go again at these , how did you get on with your case ? need to refreshen up on all this , thanks again best wishes
  20. They stated this in Court in front of a Judge , obviously I had a letter from G E why they refused as did not contain sensitive data , hard nut to crack
  21. PT , Eversheds totally deined an underwriters sheet exists, I understand fine well that it does , G E refused this in correspondence saying it never contain sensitive information hence not forwarding after 3.16 / 3.14 requests , So decided to go this way around things , tried all the protocol's , got me no where fast , thanks for your thoughts PT ,
  22. No chance at all, if you do not believe me read the threads , They will not even admit to the Courts that there is underwriters sheet Seen and heard it first hand
  23. Thanks Andrew but already have read it , have read till the cows come home ,
  24. You have Your view's PT , I have mine , so to say its outrageous, nonsense to suggest otherwise , I do not normally bite at things , but have you been on this side the coin , I have just finished a 12 month battle with them , and believe me when I say , You get nowhere fast playing by the rules , done it tried it got nowhere fast (hence restarting the fight ) do you think I was just going to march off to Court , and lodge a claim , I have all the evidence I need my friend , and as the onus on them to prove otherwise , lets see if underwriters sheets are produced this time round Why do you think , so many threads just stop without further updates , not because we are all winners , I can tell You but Hey its my neck on the line , and I would rather risk this then stick with G E Money , have tried the standard way , never worked , it is plain as day that I never paid a commission , So who did ?
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