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  1. My son is 24 years old and is living at home. He is not working or claiming and has nothing of any value. His old mobile company has a CCJ against him and he has received a court letter today to say they are sending bailiffs in 5 days time. I am really worried that they will try to take our things and I dont know how to stop them. He really has nothing but his clothing. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and Dyslexia and clearly has social anxiety issues. He has a degree and worked for 18 months after finishing it but was so badly treated by his employer that he resigned,
  2. Hi dx, yes i have claimed off Natwest before. What has happened this time is that a friend said she had got a cheque for miscalculated ppi redress so I decided to ring Natwest and chance my luck . I was told the redress from a couple of years ago had been calculated properly but... I hadnt claimed on all the policies we had had with them. One of these dates back to 1993!!! The charging order is still on the house but the court also ordered the repayments set at £70 a month. I just read the old thread and saw what it said about notified arrears. Well, t
  3. Hi all, I know you must get asked this a million times but i cant seem to find an answer though I am sure I have seen this before. we have just had an offer of around 2k for PPI redress from Natwest but because the policies were so old, a good half of this is the 8% interest. We do have a large CCJ (8K) with Natwest which is subject to a court ordered payment of £70PCM through Dryden Fairfax solicitors. I have 2 questions 1) Can the bank offset the returned premiums against the 8k 2) I read somewhere that the y had to pay the statutory interest direct to
  4. Thank you for this WindySock. Just typed up and will send off today. I have sent a cheque for the pro rata payment to them so the court can see I am trying to pay them just not the £25 they want. Again, thanks
  5. I completed the claim form and sent them a copy of the budget and the next I heard was the Judgement after determination. Has a base been missed?
  6. I was paying through a DMP and then everything went wrong within our family - illness etc so couldnt afford the DMP. Admit I buried my head in the sand a bit as i was overfaced and then they went for a CCJ. I responded to the claim forms with an offer of payment as i had decided to face things head on and the offer was pro rata working off the budget created with Stepchange. Just received judgement with offer refused Have still sent them the £5 regardless but what particularly niggles me is that all other creditors have agreed affordable repayments and most
  7. I recently completed claim forms re a debt being administered by Restons Solicitors for £770. I am in the process of setting up a new DMP with Stepchange and working off the budget figures and our other creditors, I made an offer of £5 per month. I received a judgment for claimant today saying the claimants have objected to the rate of payment and the court have awarded them £25 per month. I dont understand how they cant understand this is not possible for us atm. We did provide the budget sheet for Restons to show the £5 offer was all we could afford.
  8. Ok, think I have got it now thanks. Btw, I have also been reading about cca's. Before I sort out payment amounts for the other creditors or even for this one, is it worth doing that. Am I right in thinking that they cant take any further action whilst I CCA them. Also, if they dont have the correct paperwork, even with a judgement in default, can they enforce anything. This is all so confusing. hen I can get my head clear with my route forward, I will stop bombarding you guys with questions. Like I said previously,
  9. Hi Andy, I do have a defence in that I didnt receive the claim form but I figured from what I have read (and maybe misunderstood) that I wouldnt get too far with it as my address has been the same for so long. I am probably frustrating the site team but I just dont understand what to do next and of course have very little money to deal with it all. Any advice is really appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the reply. Tbh, that appears to be a problem as I guess even I would question the claim form going astray and it is probably the most common defence. Ok, so bearing that in mind and the likelihood that I cant submit a defence that would result in a set aside, what other options do I have. I am so confused!
  11. I have the judgement sheet with the forthright payment. Do you mean the claim form? Just taken a look at the SAR link, please excuse my ignorance but why would I need that? What do I need to do re CCJ?
  12. No, I havent moved at all in 20 years! BH were aware of our address as were Marlin. I have had some correspondence from Marlin and I was aware we needed to restart our payments to them (if you recall, we had a dmp which due to my daughters illness became impossible to keep to). We are in the process of setting up a new dmp and I have listed the debt to BH on the initial paperwork. There is no good reason for the court claim forms to have gone astray but I do find it strange that the 'good' paperwork that Natwest sent to us recently was returned to them
  13. Well, the judgement gives the claimant as Marlin Europe II Limited but the name and address for payment as Mortimer Clarke Solicitors Ltd. Both in Worthing though. Also, this debt was standing at 5k when we last paid it but the judgement is for 7.7k. Dont know how that works out though!! The court costs are listed as £540. What do I do next. Tried a few times to contact Step Change for advice but its so difficult to get them especially when I only have small pockets of time to do so when they are open and tbh their advice often tends to conf
  14. Yes or at least the single piece of paper has the claim number on it. It looks official and I have seen these before unfortunately. It has a solicitors name on it. Marlin were dealing before and that is who Stepchange would have been dealing with. What can I do now? Plus, the amount is massively inflated by about 2k plus from what we knew we still owed them. Any advice?
  15. Hi all, I am in the process of restarting my DMP with Stepchange after not being able to pay it for quite a while due to the financial impact of my daughters ill health. However, I have come home today to a judgement in default for £7000 which is one of the creditors (Black Horse) that Stepchange were going to be dealing with. I did not receive any court papers at all and now dont know what to do about it. Obviously it is a huge CCJ and they have demanded repayment in full which we could not do. Strangely enough, I also received a phonecall to
  16. Thanks Ell-enn, I would really appreciate your help putting a letter together if thats ok. I will also take a look at the budget sheet but what do I do once i have filled it in so that I can print it off. Sorry, dont know my way round some computer stuff. Update from today - Rang and spoke to litigation team at Natwest, explained tbe situation and said I wished to make a formal complaint. When we first started paying this arrangement, we were told that after 6 months payments we could look a capitalisation. They are now saying the arrangement was in pl
  17. We were asked to use natwest paybycard which is actually through worldpay. It has worked payment wise just fine. I dont know what a banks interweb portal is. Going to ring them today and write aswell. I hae been given a lot of useful things to throw at them. Will let you guys know:wink:
  18. Thank you for your support. I am going to have to ring them tomorrow and have a word because I think they are completely out of order. I have managed to mislay the 15 day letter somewhere in the house so need to get a copy as it had some income & expenditure paperwork with it. Cant believe i have lost it. Just flipped when it came through on Saturday and have obviously put it somewhere but where? The house isnt even that untidy so i wouldnt find it. Btw, although she is 22, my daughter who still lives at home has severe and enduring mental health probl
  19. Thank you for the reply, I feel a little better now. Things are exactly as I have put them. I have been trying all morning to access my worldpay account to check exactly how long it has been since we started the agreement but because I set it up so long ago, I cant remember the login details. What I do know from my bank statements is that it has been at least from Jan 2013 without missing once. There are 16 years to go and the arrears are 3.5k. The term wasnt extended due to the capitalisation offer and was for a lower amount than we were paying by arrangement. Not
  20. I dont know if they have applied a default and I wasnt told of any consequences of not agreeing to the capitalisation of arrears. They just offered it as an option due to good account standing but I had no idea it would be a problem if I didnt do it. Quite the opposite in my mind. there is a chance they would get repossession then, dont think I can handle this! My heart was actually having palpitations with the stress.
  21. I dont really know. It just seemed obvious to me that it would be preferential for us both the way it was as the arrears would be paid back quicker. I hadnt thought about them getting more profit if it carried on longer. Maybe they were looking for this! Do you think a judge would go in their favour in this situation. I am scared stupid now. I havent been able to sleep since the letter for worrying but then I tell myself that a judge surely wouldnt as it is quite clear we havent defaulted on this arrangement. What do you think?
  22. It is Natwest and I am not sure about the terms of capitilisation deal as I didnt keep the paperwork. I saw that we would be paying less and naively thought it better to keep plugging away at the higher amount. I didnt say we would capitalise, just got the figures when it was offered. If they want us to to this we would. I just cant believe we are in this position having not missed a single payment in at least 18 mnths. ( My online banking with RBS only lets me go that far back). Why would they do this?
  23. A number of years ago due to stupid budgeting decisions, we got into arrears on our mortgage. These arrears stand at 3.5k. However, we made an arrangement to pay the contractual mortgage payment plus a little off the arrears each month. I admit that since this time, we had a 1 month hiccup where i paid accidently 1 pound less than they wanted and they saw it as breaching the arrangement. However, they put a new arrangement in place and it has been paid religiously for at least 18 months. At the end of last year they sent us a letter to say that due to the good
  24. Hi and thanks for the advice. Just to clarify, I do try to encourage my daughter to deal with things herself but (probably due to her dyslexia) she does find it very difficult to deal with official paperwork and legal stuff. I only rang through because she was unable to do so but the owners reaction appeared to me one of panic because she realised I had sussed out what she is up to. My daughter worked 70 hours over a fortnight and was paid just short of £150 for 'treatment hours'. She doesnt get a payslip or anything. Just an envelope with no of treatment hours on the front and the money. She
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