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  1. Thank you too, I have now done this and I await his response, assuming of course that he does respond.
  2. Thank you, most appreciated, I have now done this.
  3. Its a straightforward Bill for goods supplied. no signatures, just an account.
  4. Hi, thank you. the debt is for supplies purchased last year, the bill came in for £1100 but in beteen times we had fallen on hard times, we wrote to the creditor explaining our circumstances, however, there was no response, we;ve since written twice, but no response, creditor on the other hand continues to send statements, each one higher than the last, the debt is now over £2000, we don't know what to do about it, all of our other creditors have accepted the offered amount.
  5. I have a creditor who is completely ignoring my letters to him, I have offered token payment but he just ignores me, he also is continuing to add interest, what should I do?
  6. CCCS, gave us an interview and a client number and told us to get on with it, our income is so low that CCCS, could not realistically set up any plan for us, Trading Standards have advised us throughout, I just feel this situation is different in as much as I have a creditor who appears to be forfeiting my debt for me, not giving me the opportunity to pay, I feel really uneasy about this.
  7. I have a problem with Great Universal Catalogue, I wrote to them screaming the odds because a number of DCA's were harassing me and chasing the exact same debt, I complained that I was being threatened with court action if I did not pay the full amount within 7 days etc, I am under the cccs and have been since 2005 and I pay a token payment to all of my creditors including Great Universal / dca "Moorcroft", I had never missed a payment. Anyway, I wrote to Great Unversal as aforementioned, and asked them for a CCA, I have just received a letter back, which states they cannot find a signed copy of agreement (which is not surprising, bacause I was never asked to sign one) and that they have a attached a copy of the "current type of agreement which would be used for the type of account I had, They have not offered explanation as to why they had several dca's chasing the same debt but have informed me that they have in effect blacklisted me as well as keeping "internal information about me" which they tell me they are going to share with other credit agencies etc, My question is where do I go from there, I have never denied my debt, I would prefer to pay my debt (although it would have to be over time) , but these people have left me no opportunity to do so, by not being able to tell me to which agency I should be paying. Moorcroft to whom I have been paying over the last few years, have said they handed my account back to Great Universal on the 31st December last year, Am I not protected from such actions by these companies when I am on the CCCS? I am confused. Please advise.
  8. And don't forget that Sheriff's are and only ever do, look for meanings in the ordinary dictionary, You've got some good sound advice from SFU, Good Luck !!
  9. such as suppliers of perishable produce, and no credit agreement in place, is the law the same as for credit agreements?
  10. Me again, Follow the link; Deed of Conditions - Google Search
  11. Sorry, just read your plight. Deed of Conditions, are enforceable as they are usually subject to the Title Deeds. Check our the Register of Sasines, info pages as well. I'll look for the link for you.
  12. What is he suing for? what kind of tenancy? and how many years ago?
  13. You should be protected from eviction, check the terms of your lease, and seek help from such as CAB, or Shelter, you may have security of tenure and therefore, you cannot be evicted without a court order and that can take quite sometime.
  14. Thank you for your comments and your advice, which is appreciated and will be followed.
  15. thank you for your comment, Borrowing the money was relatively easy, we took out unsecured personal loans based on "home improvements" which was what they were for and were used in that way, we also had a number of credit cards, we were rural tenants, with the right to buy should the landlord want to sell. Unfortunately, our landlord did not want to sell, but made demands on us to upgrade our rented property continually, which we did. Eventually we fell into the trap of borrowing to pay back loans, borrowing to live, then just to exist. Now we are in debt up to our necks and just existing. and rather ill with it too. cccs have left us to it, because we have no income and they cannot realistically work out any payment plan for us. For urgent advice we have gone to trading standards, who have given us snippets of how to deal with this or that, but in general we are on our own and that is why I joined this group. There are reasons we cannot go bankrupt and one of them is that we would lose our home and that would be the straw that breaks the camels back so to speak. Suicide is dangerous, as they say.(we are not as of yet, suicidal). Hope this helps.
  16. Hi Folks, pleased to make your acquaintance Between my other half and I, we are in deep debt to the tune of approx. £100,000 (one hundred thousand), rightly or wrongly we took out a number of individual unsecured loans from a variety of different companies for purposes which at the time were viable, All of our credit agreements were signed before 2007, We have 24 creditors, we are on the CCCS, but we attend to our own affairs, we pay each creditor £1 per month, some harass us, others accept us. We have asked that our creditors consider writing off our debts, however, they have opted for the £! per month, however, one (capquest) is now asking for access to our medical records, we have declined their request and are awaiting their response. Being in debt has proved detrimental to our general health, we have no income other than our benefits and are just existing below the proverbial breadline, a truly hellish place to be,
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