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  1. After 4 years of having no option but sit on my roof to get Mobile broadband. BT Infinity came to my village and our lives are changed! Despite 2 near breakdowns of dealing with BT in the past we took the plunge and signed up. ( we have an online buisness) and the small chance it would go smoothly was to tempting. One week ago all was up and running ( despite a huge pile of wires stuffed behind our front door) very messy. We had a problem straight away as our Mac would lock up if we attempted to view e-mails on a mobile at the same time ( somthing we do always) They told me afte
  2. I have it! - in Yorkshire after 4 years of having to rely on Mobile broadband. The speeds are very vairiable, but it does work - Only problem we had was they deleited 2000 work e-mails in the process! Hence I came on to the forum for advice. If you can avoid BT I would do so at all costs. The customer care is none existent. They really do not care. And they tell you. !!! Nice
  3. Many thanks I do have a copy of the agreement ( but not the signed one)- There is no termination figure on it. and also no total borrowed figure. or APR. Or date! That is why i sent the request for a signed one. It states One advanced rental of £985.31 payable on or before the date of this agreement followed by 59 monthly rentals of £328 inc vat the first payable 1 month after the commencement date and the rest at consecutive monthly intervals after that followed by a final rental of £2687.23 inc vat payable on the date the minimum period of hire expires. A documentation
  4. Thank you. I have put in my letter that I would ask for a response by 21st October. I got the letter template on this site ( great site by the way) . I am more concerned if I can do a volentary hand back? Don't think I have the guts to not to pay and keep the van! We feel conned and need to walk away with a clear concience . Old fashioned I know! Thank you for your help
  5. Thanks No, I have sent a letter today asking if they can send me a copy of agreement 'with signature' under the civil procedure rules. My hubby will have signed it. Weather they still have a copy is another matter. We also have no problem with the van , we just feel conned. If we can chuck it all back at them and walk away it will balance things out.
  6. Hello, I am hoping someone can give me some firm advice. My husband bought a van from vans direct 2 and a half years ago. Payments have been made on time every month. I changed back account last month and called -Network vehicals (finance company)to ammend their direct debit records. We recived a call a couple of days later from a leasing company saying we have been fraudulent as the van was personal with my husbands name only and the direct debit came from our buisness account. Thus we must sign a new agreement with a lease company. The agreement is a 'hire agreement regulated
  7. Thank you . I didnt send it recorded as i read somewhere that they wont sign for them. I did put 'this document is delivered by royal mail and i deam it to be served on you by the ordinary course of post a=in the meaning of section 7 of the interpretation act 1978 and there fore your responcibility and in your own interests that this letter is handed to the relevant person with in your industry'. Got that from the forum. I will do another covering letter and will send all letters again, this time to the csa as well. Can they still ignore? Really getting to my wits end with this. any
  8. HI. I posted about a Month ago ( on this thread) I sent letter to both Marston officers and faxed - Stat dec informing all property at the address was mine and sent details of car owned by buisness and also on hp. I have heard nothing until this morning. I have recieved a Removal notice. It looks like they have ignored all my letters and faxes -- Can they do this? Mletter was clear and taken off one of the letters on this forum. it explained that i know my rights etc... I asked that they return the case to the csa and my partner would happily speak with them. Are they allowed to simply ign
  9. Thanks for that. Is there anything else i can do to ensure that they don't take the cars? Even if i pre-warn and provide proof of leases etc.. I am still worried that they may take them anyway.
  10. Hi. I am new to this forum. My husband has had a liability order for £2003.00 in arrears from 2000 to 2003. This was issued in Sept 2009. We heard no more from the CSA. On 19/1/10 we got a letter from Marsdons asking for payment in full in 7 days, or they will attend to levy distress remove goods etc.. This would involve further costs. He is assessed as £0 due to ( despite both working full time) we make very little money. My husband has contacted the CSA who would not discuss it. From the great info on this forum I have drafted a stat Declaration stating that all goods in the
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