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  1. The only way to claim against Welcome Finance is through the FSCS, because they have become involved due to the fact that Welcome is bust. However, I feel that the process is deliberately being made as complicated as possible to put claimants off. I agree that a claim should not be possible after this time ...however this insurance company have told me that it is possible. The fact remains that Welcome did not give details of any insurance company on their documentation as they were required to do and to insist now that they had an insurance company is a con.
  2. I have been trying for some considerable time to get a PPI miss selling claim paid by Welcome Finance. The problem is that I have now reached the conclusion that the process being used by Welcome Finance and being endorsed by the FSCS is not correct to avoid the correct processing of PPI miss selling. My original claim was rejected by Welcome ....reason given that I did not make a claim to their insurance company . The fact is, that I was never made aware of the insurance company. I was self employed when I took out the loan and when I broke my shoulder and could not d
  3. Sorry for the delay ..I have been away on a business trip..... My Problem is that yes there are reclaim threads... .but they are all as far as I can see...fairly vague...taking a company on is a complex process and as such step by step advice of what works and what does not work is what is required. ...I am certain that they owe me lots of money...and as a normally super positive person, I hate to feel negative......BUT.... . if nobody has been able to get back anything but small amounts from them and only then after many many months and months of hassle.. .then it does n
  4. Hi I had a mortgage with GMAC some years ago. I was shunted to them after getting into difficulties following redundancy.. ..Long story short it resulted in repossession which cleared the debt. I have always felt that the charges for ...arrears...direct debit fails ..were very unfair and these were added each month. ..there were also consultant charges and solicitor charges later on.... These figures added up come to thousands, so having found this site. ..I thought that they should be claimed back.. .however, although I notice that some people have had some su
  5. Many thanks for your reply....I will get on and finish my paperwork....I will post on the site when I get result....Alastair
  6. Sorry, but I am still a bit confused....I have all of my statements etc and am preparing information before claiming against GMAC, but on reading other posts it would seem that I should be making a SAR, Subject Access Request to make sure that I have all the info that they have on me .....or is there perhaps a template of another letter that would request the same detailed info.....any advice from someone who has claimed would be greatly appreciated....thanks Alastair
  7. Hi I am new to the site and need some general advice with regard to reclaiming charges on a GMAC mortgage. I had to move out of my property early in 2006, as I had lost the fight to hold off repossession. The property was sold and my debts were settled. After redundancy some years ago, I am thankfully now getting back on my feet in self employment. I got a small payment from GMAC due to the recent action against them, but I have always been of the opinion that many of the other charges made were unfair.These include fees for consultants and bank debit/ arrears etc. From this site I know
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