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  1. They gave her a specific date of when the client thinks the money was stolen. The problem with that is a different carer would have visited the previous evening and another carer on the afternoon on that day. My Fiancee visited in the morning. They haven't said where the money was, (drawer/purse/under floor boards!!) when it was placed there and the last time it was seen before noticing it was missing. I feel these details are crucial to my Fiancee proving her innocence or at least narrowing the search down to a few people (carers/family/friends/misplaced by client). At this point management m
  2. NO. I would trust her with my life. I know 100% she did not take the money. We have a very honest relationship and i know she is not capable of theft. She is a very honest person. TOO honest sometimes!! I don't want to go into detail at this time but until a concrete time frame is given we can only guess who stole the money. From general conversation about work colleagues I could easily suggest one or two others who fit the bill. The problem with the whole situation is lack of evidence/information as i have stated. Because of what I consider very poor management of the whole situation my Fianc
  3. Update: My fiancee was sent a letter asking her to a further meeting to discuss the investigation. She'd only arrived home at 13:35 to find the envelope on the doormat. On opening she discovered the meeting was scheduled for 14:00 that day!!(24th March). Without notifying me of the situation she rushed up to office to meet with management. The letter did say she could bring along a work colleague but, with insufficient time to organise this, she went alone. I clearly went mad when I found out what she had done because she should have contacted them to re-arrange due to insufficient not
  4. She's been with them for 18months. Not a union member and no direct union associated with her employers. She's worked in care for ten years and never been involved in a disciplinary or had an allegation made against her. I get the distinct feeling that sometimes the face fits and sometimes it don't!! There is quite a lot of bitching that goes on and maybe the first incident has prompted a movement against her as she did question the lack of support when speaking to her manager. She doesn't know who or where the allegation has come from and whether any others, if any, are involved. It's
  5. Hi all, my fiance has been accused of theft in the workplace. She works for a private care company and moves around from house to house providing care to mainly elderly patients. She was asked into the office for a seperate matter to this allegation and was told she could bring a witness. ( I don't want to go into the initial work related issue-it was a minor issue on something unrelated) On arrival at the office she was told her witness/colleague could not be present and she would be facing a new allegation of theft in the workplace. Her line and senior manager then put to her that an
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