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  1. Hiya. As I am in the process of going bankrupt, once I have finalised the paperwork & gained the necessary funds, I have made this known to QuickQuid, Wonga, and PaydayUK. Now, I admit I have not made any payments for the past month or so to any of these, as my mate told me, as he's been through it all, it's pointless losing what money I have by making payments when I'm gonna go bankrupt, & I have informed them by email of my intentions, & generally they have been fine, albeit they're constantly pestering now & again by email & telephone calls, & the odd letter. I've also got round the problem by making sure I've no money in my account, & putting it into my wife's account for safe keeping. Now, in the early hours this morning before going to bed, I transferred money from my wife's account into mine, so as later today I would then pay our landlord the monthly rent. Later, before going to work, I checked my account to make sure all's ok, & noticed I was overdrawn on my account, to the tune of £315.50. Of course alarm bells started ringing, but couldn't do much until I had finished work. Once I finished work, I headed straight into town, & to my bank to sort out the matter. I told the guy what had happened, & told him I had reason to believe that an unauthorised withraw had been mad on my account. Then the bombshell... once he told me it was PaydayUK that had taken the £315.50 via my debit card, as I had deleted my bank details long ago on each of the accounts, he told me there was nothing the bank could do, despite me insisting I didn't authorise the transaction, & wanted something done about it, as I knew who it was that had made the transaction, & said it was a matter I would need to take up with PaydayUK, as he said if the bank reversed the transaction, & PaydayUK chased it up, the bank would be then liable. Alas, I am now down by £315.50, & with little hope of getting that back. Just hoping the landlord can hang on until I get paid next week. So, surely this is classed as fraud, as I havn't authorised PaydayUK to take any money from my account? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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