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  1. Sorry for not updating the forum on this topic. My sister won her battle with E-car insurance in the end. E-car Insurance had to accept that the policy was valid and that they where liable for any claims which arose from this policy during the Insured period. They also had to reimburse my sisters Legal Fee's. Please people, I can not stress enough, do not touch this company with a barge pole, they are sharks of the very worst kind.
  2. finally went and saw a solicitor yesterday who has thankfully taken on the case and said that the insurance policy is enforceable as ecarinsurance did have her full address as they had used it to send her the original policy and details where correct on the envelope. And also because they had not refunded her premium on her bank card the same way in which she paid. Solicitor also confirmed that sending an e-mail is not acceptable form of cancelling insurance and that they needed to send cancellation through recorded delivery 7 day's before they propose to cancel the policy. Sol
  3. thanks for your reply btw. much appreciated. The more I have readup about this company the worse it gets. It seems as though my sister is not the only one who has fell foul to this company. It seems as though there are a lot of people in the same boat and ecarinsurance is famous for canceeling polices without informing the driver, apparently they also have a cheek of charging you £80 for them cancelling the policy. Be warned anyone who is considering taking out insurance or re-insuring with this company they are sharks
  4. When they say the letter was RTS that was because apparently they had missed off part of her address on this particular letter that supposedly contained the cancellation notice and cheque refund. That's why the postman was unable to deliver it. But surly that fault lies back with ecarinsurance for not filling out a postal document correctly, It's not like they can argue and say they didnt have the correct address because they used the full address correctly previously when they successfully sent her the original documents.
  5. My sister insured her car last March with ecarinsurance. She paid her premium in full on her card and a few days later she received her certificate of motor insurance. Thinking every thing was ok she never thought anymore about it. However ecareinsurance had missed out part of her postal address on the document even though they had sent her documents to the correct postal address and the envelope the documents came in had her full postal address on it. Yesterday my sister was in a accident where she hit another driver. She phoned ecarinsurance to report the incident only to be t
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