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  1. yes i posted the cca on here. the reason i ask is because the witness sig on the cca they sent me was by a woman in the wootton bassett branch, which i believed had closed by the time the cca was dated. i have been chatting to a friend who is studying contract law at the mo, she pointed out a few fundemantal things in the cca that regardless of wether it is enforcable actually proves a case of indentity theft. i am looking at the possibility of suing them, just looking into it at the mo x
  2. does anyone know when the welcome branch in wootton bassett closed? just out of curiosity as apparantly that was where this cca was signed and i am fairly sure it closed before this! x
  3. no advice i am afraid but i like your style!
  4. i would consider going to the police, how long has it been going on for? x
  5. yep have paid every thing by direct debit. will post the sar request on monday now i have some ink for my printer.
  6. i think thats any bodies guess? have posts been removed from this thread? i also see the title has been changed!? lol
  7. I definateley did not sign another loan i was in hospital that day very nearly due to give birth to my son! i remember the day well! lol not mine and not my sig x
  8. sorry but what is a rewrite? will send te sar off tomorrow though x
  9. no i cancelled the direct debit back in november when they originally could not provide me with the cca i hae not paid them since.
  10. did that work? on the school run back soon
  11. hi hun i only have the cca they sent yesterday the one dated 10/07/2004 the rest of the info i got from my credit report x so i only have that ac number
  12. ok long winded sorry! the loan i took out was in july 2003, i paid for a few months moved house and did not pay them again until appx 06/04, i then started to pay them again £40 per month until appx arch 2007 at which point they stopped taking the direct debits from my bank account. i presumed i had paid it off. appx a month or two later i started getting letters from lewis debt recovery stating that i still owed a large sum of money appx £1600, being naieve and knowing that the loan had a huge apr on it i set up another direct debit and continued to pay them. roll on nov 2009 after
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