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  1. Hi BF privately rents 3 bed house on his own. Been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Means will be receiving treatment as an inpatient for chemo. First round in 7weeks 3 days second round who knows. Advice received for Macmillan applied for HB,CB reduction and Pension Credit. Awarded HB DHP for 13 weeks and full CB reduction. Await PC decision been 6 weeks. As he was claiming WTC Macmillan people wasn't aware of run on period whilst ill. Anyway my question is he exempt from Under Occupancy Rule as according to Shelter website you attain the State Pension Credit age as from
  2. Hi Quelle surprise!! £186.00 in my account today thank goodness. Many thanks for your help Margaret. Yes I was on CB IB before being transferred to CB ESA. I can't work out if I am a day owing will look into that. Just reconfirmation should have received payment 24/01/14 so next scheduled payment should be 07/02/14. Many thanks to everybody.
  3. Hi Yet another phone call today they have said £186.00 will be paid tomorrow. So looks as though IB ESA awarded. Should it be at the same amount as CB ESA.Watch this space. Can anybody shed any light on how they have arrived at this figure. CB ESA ended 11/01/14 was receiving £105.05 fortnightly. Received last payment 10/01/14. So was due next payment 24/01/14. If they pay tomorrow can I assume payments will recommence in line with when I should have been paid last ie next payment 7/02/14. Sorry for the questions I just don't want to have to call them again unless I have to.It en
  4. Hi Surprise surprise no money in my account yesterday or today. Looks like another phone call tomorrow. Will keep you updated.
  5. Hi Apologies I received a call from DWP surprise surprise she had my ESA3 and would be actioning it today or tomorrow. I await with baited breath. I will let you know.
  6. Thank you all for your wonderful responses advice and help. We will see what happens on Monday. Fingers crossed ever the optimistic with regards to the DWP.lol.
  7. I have phoned them and they have requested that someone calls me back between 9am-1pm Monday. I said I've no money and was told there was nothing I could apply for. Will just have to see on Monday. Thank you for all your replies.
  8. Applied by eas3 for ib esa which should be entitled to as no partner or savings. Not heard anything. Who do I ring to chase up? No money direct debits due beginning next month no overdraft facility due to debt probs. Is there anybody I can apply to for a crisis loan? Thank you.
  9. Work have advised that the final pay out will be based on the p/t hrs i was working at the time of illness. Is this right or should it be based on my original f/t employment contract.
  10. So in essence they are obliged to pay me 8weeks notice pay and all accrued holiday pay?
  11. Yes employed for 8yrs. But have been on long term sick for some time. Does this make a difference to the notice period?
  12. Thanks for that. In the letter i have received it states i will be paid your notice period of one month. Is this wrong?
  13. Employment terminated on grounds of work capability due to long term ill health. Employed 8yrs f/t. When signed off I was only working p/t 20hrs 5 days p/w.(This was because I had had a previous period of sickness where i had been allowed a phased return to work thus building up to 20hrs p/w) My questions are : Am i right in thinking that i am entitled to all holiday pay accrued during my absence plus one months pay in lieu of notice. Should the final pay out take into account any increment that there may have been during my absence. Should the final pay out be based on my f/t or p
  14. Hi Well done. When have they said is your next review? Make sure you get a copy of your medical. Best wishes
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