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  1. Seriously dondada I have researched every site on the internet in the past year. The first 9 months was sheer hell as I wasn't been told anything. When I finally got my investagtion meeting 3 weeks ago I would hardly let them take a break as said I had waited to long on this day coming. The only thing about going back is ibwould have to work with my supervisor that made the allegation even though I thought world of her. In fairness id be happy to move on now as in a different star in my life as family grew up now so I can spread my wings.lol..I know folk think I should just walk away but guess it is the stubbornness in me to let let them away with treating the ordinary worker like rubbish and the mental stress this has caused me coming from a small community where folk would be always thinking there's no smoke without fire..Thankyou for your valued sensible non judgemental advice
  2. From what I've gathered it's all to do with if they followed a fair procedure in reaching there decision rather than if your actually guilty or not which is frustrating so I'm concentrating more on the length of time it has taken them to investigate my situation. Terrible situation your in and completely understand how your feeling
  3. Was reading this all and sorry to hear you got dismissed. Any updates on how appeal went for you. I am currently on a work suspension and has lasted nearly a year. Just received my first investagtion meeting 3 weeks ago and still waiting.
  4. Dondada. Do you think I should just sit tight then and let them go through there procedures and if dismisses go for unfair dismissal as this seems to be an easier case to win as the onus apparently is on then then to prove they followed a fair procedure. It wasn't that I had accepted the situation as in the last year I can prove that I have been constantly contacting asking for updates and this was even referee to at my investagtion meeting and was told that they would start and keep contact with me. They are in process of calling other witnesses now that I have stated could back me up on my defence.
  5. Ganymede yes I understand what your saying..When advised that 6 months ago I just kept hoping that situation would get resolved without having to resign . I've had my investagtion meeting now so going to see what comes from it saying I've waited this length of time and if it goes to disciplinary stage I will go back to solicitor. Thanks for good advice
  6. Sangie it's not about sitting where I am. I didn't ask to be in this position. Im just asking to be treated fairly and by them taking a year to clear me of wrong doing they are not following there correct procedures..a tribunal if reached that stage does not look at whether You Were guilty or innocent which sadends me but whether they followed correct procedures..I am hoping that it won't come to that but for my own sanity I have to fight it to the end
  7. Thankyou King. I believe you have exactly understood what my issue was. When I mentioned redundancy though I actually meant a severance pay equivalent to what a tribunal would award. As much as it's not so much about the money as me walking away with some sort of pride after how they have made me feel in the last year as if I wasn't important enough to deal with this issue in a speedy manner..I believe they started the process and when police refused it they don't know how you get themselves out of it now as you say. Do you see the point I was making that if I went for constructive dismissal why I would have a good chance or would you advise me to sit tight. Thanks again
  8. I intend to raise a grievance if and when it goes to disciplinary naturally but I was trying to hold out for them to come back and say investagtion found that there was no case to answer. I spoke to an employment solicitor about 6 months ago and they said if i resigned i would have case for constructive dismissal as they have not followed there correct procedures by not calling me for meeting months ago and keeping me away from work for so long has made it very hard for me to go back to.
  9. Emmzzi Thankyou for the link so shared. Yes I have been on citizens advice site . Thankyou for your views
  10. Yes doctor has me out for stress on second job and also company doctor confirmed this and said I wouldn't be back until they sorted out the issue with 1st job that suspended from. Get company sick pay for second job. When I say I can't speak to anyone I mean that I have been told I am not allowed to communicate with the other workers while on suspension and investagtion taking place. Suspension is meant to be for brief a time as policy and meant to be reviewed regularly and keep me informed of progress which they have failed to do reason I believe I have a case for constructive dismissal but I know going down that route dosent clear me of the allegation
  11. I could resign but why should I if i would win a unfair dismissal claim as they have not followed correct procedures by taking so long to deal with the investagation..i would be walking away from 16 years redundancy if walked away.
  12. Yes get what your saying but would seriously just like it resolved one way or another as with it hanging over my head as I said it's hard not to think about and longer it goes on folk start to presume your guilty which I don't like. .I'm just hoping there delay is to prove my innocence and not to try and build a case on me.. ..reckon it would be very hard for them to let me return after this length of time
  13. Don't want to just walk away and let them away with treating me in this way when I've been there 16 years. Guess I'm just going to let them them go through there procedures and do a compromise agreement with them if it's pursued to disciplinary stage.
  14. Get what you're saying king12345 but I would definately be taking them for unfair dismissal if gets to disciplinary as I have working here for 16 years with an unblemished record. I have been offered another job with another company and won't be able to accept this offer if situation not sorted in next month so was trying to find best way to get it resolved
  15. Report was sent to police by my place of work but police wouldn't take anything to do with it and now it's just a work investigation.. I have given my answers to explain how I have not did anything wrong . I just feel it would be hard to go back to this job now as I've lost respect for them and wondering what my next move should be to get it sorted. Work policy states a brief period of precautionary suspension may be imposed..
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