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  1. While your help is very much appreciated, if you re-read my original post you'll see that I point out I had to contact VCS because otherwise the lease company would have just paid the charge, added their bit on and billed me. And I apologise for using this site incorrectly. I don't have much free time available to research the ins and outs of parking enforcement, charges and signage. I assumed I could come on here and ask for help at any point as I have before. Thank you again for your advice. I'll wait and see what happens.
  2. Firstly, apologies for the odd spacing and punctuation in my original post. Not sure why it appears like that. Interesting. So still to ignore then? Fair enough. I did wonder if things had moved on since last time I asked for advice. I would imagine they will chase a little harder as they have my details but I'll just sit tight unless anyone has anything else to add? Not sure what you mean about the signage being prohibitive in nature? As I mentioned, it's the jumping through hoops for a bunch of fly-by-nights that I object to more than anything else. That and all the pseudo-legal jargon, images of scales and judges in wigs etc etc. All designed to add legitimacy to their shoddy operation. Never mind that I was going about my business and using the access for the purpose it was intended or that this could all be cleared up with a chat to a reasonable person on an easily available phone number. The spelling mistakes in the emails from IAS are truly shocking too. Laughable. I should add that there are one or two factual inaccuracies to their version of events that I haven't gone into here such as where my vehicle was actually parked. Any further responses would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello all. I know it's very rude of me but I only seem to pop up on here about every two years and when I want something! Anyhoo, parking. Again. I received a ticket on my screen from Vehicle Control Services back in October. I was parked in an area marked "Service Vehicles Only" on a private road. At the time I was delivering stock to one of the businesses accessible via the private road but using my car rather than one of the company vans. As it happened the VCS van was parked opposite me and he saw me unload and walk into the building but when I returned he was gone and the ticket was on my window. I was gone 10 minutes at the most. My vehicle is leased and at the time there was no arrangement in place between the lease company and VCS for passing on my details. The leasing company would have just paid the ticket and then billed me. So unfortunately I had to enter into the appeal process and obviously give my details to VCS before they started contacting the lease company. VCS rejected my appeal (as they do) and referred me to Independent Appeals Services. I then sent off the same argument to IAS (I was delivering etc) and got the response back that VCS still believed I was liable for the charge etc etc pointing out the wording on various signs in the area . I am now invited to either submit another response or go straight to arbitration. that's where I am, now to the help I need. In the past, advice from here has served me well and I've gone down the ignore route . The only reason I didn't this time was because of the potential involvement of the lease company. But this sort of pseudo-legal, badly spelled, money gouging, cowboy behaviour really gets my back up and I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time with this whole appeal nonsense and whether I should just not enter into any further discussion with VCS or IAS. Mainly because I hate being made to jump through hoops by crooks. I don't mind an hour or two putting together a question on here but I really do resent spending the same amount of time responding to their largely bogus appeals process! Over to you... Something to note. They can no longer approach the lease company. Since this occurred the lease company have amended their policy and no longer automatically pay tickets.
  4. I recall from previous times on here that the likes of Rossendales can't do anything themselves. I was more concerned about the escalation to a genuine company rather than the likes of those whatstheirnamePLC jokers. And it was on the windscreen in a free car park. I hadn't overstayed, I just hadn't bought a redeemable ticket ie buy ticket, shop, get parking money back. So nobody lost out and I even have my shopping receipt from on the day. This isn't an old one. The letter from Rossendales is the lastest on a well worn path
  5. Hi guys. Back again for some PPC advice I've reached the Rossendales Collect stage that started with a speculative invoice from Excel a few months ago. Should I ignore? That always used to be the advice but is it still the case? I'm seeing more and more references to appeals and/or engaging in some form of correspondence. Something I'm loathe to do as I feel it gives these cowboys some sort of legitimacy.
  6. Just a little update. The chap did call back this evening, asked if it was convenient and again said he wanted to discuss a couple of issues that would strengthen my case. I said I would prefer any questions to be in writing and he said that wasn't possible. I replied that I wasn't sure where in the process we are (can't find the claim acknowledgment letter atm) but obviously they have 8 weeks to respond either way. He said there are only one or two days left. I assume that's why he said a letter wasn't possible. I did add that I wasn't comfortable answering questions over the telephone and that I thought it unlikely HSBC would want to strengthen my case for me. And that was that. So I guess I should find out in the next few days whether I've been successful or not and whether HSBC are the kindly old souls they make themselves out to be. Anyone care to comment?
  7. Fair enough. I'll dig out their original reply and see where we are re: the 8 weeks. And if they have any questions I'll ask them to put them in writing. Cheers everyone.
  8. Thank you for the quick reply. So you suggest ignoring the inevitable call tomorrow? He never mentioned needing more time just this detail/clarification that was required. It all just seems a bit fishy. There is, as you quite rightly point out a procedure to follow. Calls out of the blue don't seem to be part of that.
  9. Hi guys. A quick bit of advice needed. I've put in two separate PPI claims to my bank, HSBC. One is for PPI on a loan I took out some years ago. The other is for PPI on my HSBC Visa card which I've had for a number of years. On both I have used the correct paperwork, had an acknowledgment and a promise to be back in touch/reach a decision within whatever the legal timeframe is. Today I have had a call from a HSBC bod asking me to clarify some points regarding 'the claim'. Now I don't really doubt he was from HSBC as a couple of light security questions were asked which confirmed both our identities. But I do wonder if I should be discussing the issue with someone from the bank over the telephone as it's obviously in their interest to trip me up and not payout. It wasn't convenient to speak at the time and he's calling again tomorrow. Your thoughts? Am I just being a little paranoid? And on the subject of paranoia, was he really from HSBC?
  10. Yes, I'm in England. Template letters? So contact is very much advised? There were template letters available prior to October 2012 but it was widely accepted that sending one off was a waste of a stamp.
  11. Thank you So generally it's a good idea to go down the appeal/adjudication route rather than outright ignoring? In the case of straightforward tickets like mine this is the action to take? Previously the advice on here was to make no contact at all and it would blow over. Is this the major change since October 2012? Sorry for all the questions. Last time I was here there was a lot of discussion regarding non-existent appeals processes, whether to communicate with them, template letters, rumours of court cases etc etc when in 99.9% of cases just binning the begging letters did the job. I want to know what the best course of action is now. Cheers
  12. Hi guys, Haven't been here for a while. Not since you all helped me out with some Excel Parking issues a couple of years ago. Anyhoo, I've now received one from Highview Parking for outstaying our welcome in a Tesco car park. In light of all the 'New law effective from 1st October 2012' malarky, what is the current advice? Back when I was dealing with Excel it was to just ignore and not to communicate with them in any way. Is that still the case? Or do these jokers have a bit more clout now? Thanks in advance.
  13. Cheers for that. We were a bit lucky actually. The vehicle is leased and the leasing company don't pay the charge and then recover off the customer. Anyway, I will continue ignoring. That one and the one my wife got a few weeks ago
  14. Haven't been here for ages. Since all you good people showed me the light regarding a spurious parking 'invoice' in fact Anyhoo, to the point. My business is at the well known and often tread Graham White stage regarding a company vehicle overstaying its welcome in a free car park. Going on my previous experience with Excel I just thought I'd double check that I can still safely ignore? I wondered if there is any difference as they are dealing with a company rather than a private individual. Actually I'm loathe to post this. These PPC cowboys feed on fear and I have to admit that unfortunately that nagging doubt is making me post. Bastards.
  15. Just thought I'd revive this one. Firstly because the bump may give confidence to anyone dealing with Excel (I'm still here and their threats as expected came to nothing) and secondly because I'm now looking at a parking charge notice from Vehicle Control Services. This one was issued against one of our work vehicles and will be ignored just like the one from Excel. I'll keep you all up to speed.
  16. As others have said, sit tight and ignore. Since starting this thread I still haven't been fed to hungry sharks, deported to the colonies or *shock* taken to court, met a debt collector, had a CCJ issued etc etc etc. Have a read through. Five letters including the original demand I think.
  17. Why is approaching the driver not an option? Surely that should have been your first course of action.
  18. ^^ What he said. There's no fight, just ignore. It doesn't matter whether they're a 'genuine' company or not. As you said Topps have been closed for years and this will just be the landlord and VCS trying to make a few quid on vacant land. I would have thought a fiver a day for all day parking with repeat business would be a better business plan but there you go. One hit of 25 x £80 and no repeat business must be more tempting...
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