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  1. Very good. Ha! Ha! Fingers crossed, I am glad to get it back, the clutch aside it is a very nice compact tracor. James
  2. We now have the tractor back and the dealer has insisted that it is fixed and the fix has been approved by new holland and would have a 12 month warranty, basically what they have done is fit a clutch from another model. The pedal is lighter than before but I am still not convinced that it is fixed as it is still heavier than others we have tried, will have to try it and see if it lasts. Thankyou to everyone on here for the advice that has been given, its great to know that there is always people willing to help. Cheers James
  3. Thanks again, I have printed this out and will keep it with me for when they ring back. The problem we have is that we have to take their word for it that they have done what they have said they have done. They could tell us that parts have been changed but we have no proof of the work. They could well be covering up something they have done in the past, that does make sense. Do you mind me asking who you work for? Its a shame you are not in charge of new holland. James
  4. Thankyou very much for that info. I will hit them with that tomorrow and see if they take note. It seems they split a t5030 tractor to see if the clutch would fit, why would they do this when they could just simply ask new holland? It is a shame you are too far away as it seems you would be able to sort it out. Thanks again, I will update again tomorrow. James
  5. As you already know our tractor is a 57reg td90. The dealer has told us they split a T5030 to find that the clutch was compatible and therefore fittet that. The haven't mentioned changing anything else. They did find a loose finger that was 3/4 out but this didn't improve things. I spoke to the dealer yesterday to say we were still not happy with their fix and he didn't want to tell me anything untill he checked his facts on monday. James
  6. We have the original invoice plus the service folder and a installation review form, I cannot see we have had anything with any exculsions. They have always agreed there is a problem and are not running away from it but we have had enough with it now. Should we have to accept it back knowing they haven't fitted the clutch designed for the tractor and therefore not found the fault??? If we are within our rights to refuse it we can now just not accept it back. James
  7. Well it was sold to us through a new holland dealer as a uk tractor so it had better be. james
  8. This tractor was not made in the uk. When we purchased it the salesman said it was made in the fiat factory in italy. It is the new holland TD range which is also the same as the case JX range. scaniaman - the drive on the tractor - i wouldn't say there is any noticable vibration on the tractor. I know it doesn't totally make sense but we just don't seem to be getting anywhere with this. We are totally fed up and now even with a loan tractor we have jobs that need doing which it isn't suitable for. James
  9. I spoke to the owner of the dealership and he told me that he had only become aware of the problem 2 weeks before and it was him that told me he would be sorted or replaced now he is involved. They have deff been in contact with new holland and have sent pictures etc and been given advice. We contacted them aswell but didn't get much of a response from them, they kept agreeing with what we said to then turn around and say they want a chance to fix. Should we have to accept it back knowing that no fault has been found? The dealer did tell us that we should have kicked up a fuss sooner. The silly thing is that we did offer to trade the tractor back into them but the offer they gave us would have seen us over £9000 down for just 500 hours use, we were prepared to pay £4000 plus the extra to upgrade. James
  10. We have been told that new holland are involved and this is why it has taken so long to change a clutch. Before they took it back we were assured that they would do their best to fix and when I asked what would happen if they couldn't they said they would look at taking the tractor back and replacing it. I take it they think this counts as a fix, I don't agree. James
  11. Spoke to the dealer and it seems now that the clutch for our tractor has not made the pedal any better so they have found out that the clutch from another model will fit and after trying that they think they have sorted it. The problem I can see now is that I do not think they have found and sorted any problem but just covered it up by fitting a part which is designed for another model. No fault has been found which would explain the problems we have had, therefore the fault must still exist. The dealer wanted 1 last chance to fix this problem so where would we stand now that we have been very patient and let them do what they requested. They have been in talks with new holland this time which is why they say it has taken nearly 3 weeks. James
  12. We did phone new holland a few times but each time they basically told us that the dealer wanted another chance to fix it and that was as far as we could get with them. They were not prepared to do anything else. James
  13. Well, we gave in and allowed the dealer 1 final chance to sort it with new holland involved. They have lent us a tractor but now over 2 weeks later its still not fixed. They have said there is a new clutch they can fit but we were told that last time. I guess we will just have to wait now. Thanks again for all the advice given. James
  14. The tractor certainly cannot be taken away without a replacement as it is our only means of moving large bales and feeding our cattle, without a loader tractor we are stuffed, when it was unsafe to use in the past we had to be lent a tractor by another dealer. Other dealers are offering far better deals on the same new holland tractor, we are not asking for them to give anything away or give a huge discount, all we want is for them to be more realistic with their prices and for new holland to help out as a gesture. We have had new hollands in the past and would continue to purchase if this issue is resolved, surely they wouldn't want to get a bad name and lose custom over a small amount??? If it wasn't for the problems we could trade in for a new one at another dealer at a far better price, but they wouldn't want it as it is. James
  15. Thanks for your reply. The dealer has assured us that it will be sorted but it does seem to be taking a long time. To be honest it has got to the stage that we no longer want it to be fixed, we want a replacement (paying a fair amount) or a refund. We purchased a brand new tractor and have had nothing but trouble and hastle, it has been "fixed" many times before and has still let us down, we have not faith left in it. The thought would always be there that it could always go wrong again in the future and let us down. I had to use it earlier for about 1/2 an hour and it made my knee ache. Is it fair to expect this? James
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