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  1. Thanks for the advice inkslinger, i might go ahead and try to remove the association with my ex, nothing to lose. Completely agree jimbo, getting credit can get you into all sorts of trouble if your not very carefull with your finances. I've been without plastic for over 8 years, and it is easily to adjust to, of course i've had many days where i've said to myself, 'if only i had a credit card' BUT thankfully i dont. Getting a mortgage in the future could be a problem because I had my home reposessed a few years ago, I couldnt even open a regular bank account till recently....the pitfalls of being young and stupid
  2. What an ordeal. Routine medicals are not pleasant at the best of time, my partner has been disabled for 5 years so i know all too well what they're like, i've always gone with him too and its just pure luck or not if you're interviewed by someone with compasion, clearly you wasnt on this occasion. Appeal for sure as honeybee said ,the tribunal people are far more sympathetic to peoples personal circumstances. We appealed. It wasnt as complicated as we thought and the tribunal people were great. They were two very old fashioned Doctors, who clearly had more experience in their little finger than the Doctor who failed my partner had in her entire body. As long as they have all the facts in front of them before the day, i'm sure the decision will be made in your faviour before you've even stepped foot through their door. Try not to worry about it, dont lose sleep over it, your health is far more important! Good luck
  3. Sorry wonkeydonkey posted before i read your latest post, i had another cooker but certainly not another set of table and chairs i was short on chairs as it was, five of us and only four chairs (highchair for the little one at the time)
  4. I'm curious, why isnt this a valid levy? I dont recall missing a payment but i'm sure i made one or two late payment, oh and now i'm thinking about, after one instance of late payment i was told i had to make a further £35? to avoid another visit? I paid it! I realise now how foolish i was. They saw me coming no wonder they came back for more.
  5. Like it. Especially the local press idea because i know of many people who've been visited by the same bailiffs, they operate within a very large area and i'm sure many people would benefit if warned.
  6. Nothing on the exempt list, and ha ha no they wont cover the fees nor the debt (micro and table and four chairs) I've paid almost £400 to them and for what i have no idea, i mean how any times would they need to visit to justify that expense!! My brain hurts thinking about the idiots, they make me so angry
  7. Thanks wonkeydonkey thought I could. Will be sending subject access request immediately. Could well be the best £10 spent ever. You mention 'gaps' if i think they're deliberately hiding some information what can i do about it? I do indeed. I did ask the council if they would look into it when I initially found out but they said they couldnt but wont hurt to try again, will be onto that first thing. Thanks...keep you posted on my progress
  8. Bailiffs visited couple years ago for Council Tax, i let them in (doh) he did all his usual paperwork, i gave him some cash there and then (had a receipt which i've kept thankfully) and agreed to a payment plan which for a few months i was able to stick to. I missed a payment here and there during these times they visited again (these occasions they was left outside in the cold). I enquired about the balance of my council tax account with my local council a few months after the initial visit thinking i'd repayed the majority of it, when they politely informed me that my balance was only £30 less and they had only receieved one payment from the bailiffs. I was shocked. I'd been paying the bailiffs for 9 months unaware that none of these payments were being credited to my council tax account. Luckily the woman from council tax was sympathetic and recalled the account back from the bailiffs. What on earth was i paying for, for 9 months? I've heard that if i write to them asking for a detailed breakdown of all the fees etc they are obliged to send them? And could this be sent via email or would it have to be snail mail?
  9. Hi Kaytie-leigh...I am so sorry to hear that you've been such a horrific ordeal, the last thing you needed was interveiwing you under caution. I was interviewed over a year ago too for not informing them of a change of circumstance (they make you feel like a serial killer) I was a bit naive and was very nervous at the time and just wanted to leave so i admited i should have told them and i just forgot, all they did was make me repay the overpayment over £3000! I would seek some advice before you repay it OR appeal against it! I love appeals, you almost always win!! But if you do have to pay they have to be reasonable with the amount they expect you to pay back each week so if you cant afford to pay back what they expect, you can ask them to reduce it to an amount you can afford. You wont be sent to prison-i thought this many many times. Good luck x
  10. Hoping someone can shed some light for me please. I've recently checked my credit report (Experian) i have one outstanding account (british gas for £563) which i'm making regular payments to, no late payments neither, I have had three searches made on me in last 12 months; EQUIDEBT-unrecorded (unsure, sounds familiar though) EXPRESS GIFTS-unrecorded (this is a mystery???) DIRECT LINE-insurance quotation (my car ins) I've financially associated to, and this the very annoying bit, my ex partner to First National Bank three separate entries dated 2000 and 2002! We had a secured loan with First National back then, but in 2003 the house was repossed and the loan repaid with the sale of the house so i'm confused as to why this is still showing on my credit report. Is this normal? And can it be removed, hate the fact that i'm still connected to him as i bet most are when it comes to exes I've made a few other bad payments over the years some i think within the last 6 years but nothing else is showing up, is that it or could they be on my credit file that Experian dont show? I havent checked my credit SCORE yet, does anyone think its worth paying the £5.99?
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