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  1. Has anyone had any dealings with The Sheriffs Office in Croydon. I have recently issued a Complaint 4 against them and have been awarded compensation. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had any dealings with their baliffs and their completely unlawful methods of behaviour.
  2. I have just received my PPI monies back in full from Future Mortgages,as they have upheld my complaint. However, they are refusing to pay 8% statutory interest. They have held my money since 2004, I paid off the loan in 2005. I sent them a 7 day intent to go to court and they still refuse to pay the 8% interest. I also wondered if I could ask for additional restitutional interest and how to calculate. Do I have no alternative but to take it to court. The premium I originally paid was £5200
  3. I have applied for a community grant as I am on EAS. I have been turned down as they say I am being paid contribution based benefits. I have asked what the difference is and been informed that although I receive contribution based benefit as I have also been means tested I also have an entitlement to income based esa. I have appealled and sent in copy letters from ESA stating that I have an underlying entitlement to income based but am receiving contribution based due to my past history of contributions. They seem to be discriminating against me because I have contributed in the past, yet if you havent worked and paid contribution this grant seems available.
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