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  1. I'm a disabled lone parent and have been affected by the new rules brought in (in October 2008), i.e. I was told I could no longer claim Income Support and had to apply for Incapacity Benefit/ESA/JSA with a whole new set of hoops through which to jump. It seems this may have been an error and I thought these links might be of interest to people in the same position: DMG Memo Vol 1/72, 4/87 & 8/13 http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/m-30-09.pdf http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/m-41-09.pdf http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/m-42-09.pdf These aren't the only links I've found but you only have to google to find more. This was first brought to my attention (by a poster name of NASA) as I was browsing 'Martin Lewis's Money Saving Tips' website: Important information for benefit and upcoming benefit changes 2009-2010. - Page 2 - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums If anyone knows more about this I'd be interested to hear from them as I'm finding it all a bit confusing (like it wasn't confusing to start with) and can find little about it on the usual websites (Benefits and Work/YoureAble etc). Even my local independent Benefits Advice people don't know anything about it and I'VE had to send THEM info! I don't know if this means I can stop going to the Shaw Trust's compulsory work focussed interviews now, where they seem to be briefed to disregard the fact that I'm DISABLED, and where the woman seeing me said 'We're dealing with people with cancer, you know', and 'Oh, I've got a bit of a bad back, too', (me being just a malingerer) - I suggested she claim ESA.
  2. Sorry, Bygsign, I must have been writing my bit while you were posting -
  3. I read this here: BBC - Ouch! (disability) - Messageboard Ouch! Talk - Failed ESA medical! "ATOS's official criteria is that you may not record anything unless you have professional equipment, using dual decks, calibrated by a professional sound engineer directly before the exam (as said, this is more exacting than the police use) and if they notice you using any other form of recording device, they will stop the interview (and, unofficially, mark you down as refusing to cooperate)." Apparently someone did just that and you can read what happened on the Benefits and Work site. I haven't read it myself as I'm no longer a paid up subscriber to that site. I'd still record it secretly, if only for my own satisfaction.
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