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  1. Oh well, didn't get reply so composed my own rejection letter and sent it off! Watch this space.
  2. Count me in!!!! I was overpaid £7000 two years ago. I have copies of all the returns I completed and all the information is correct. I was told by the inland rev. the computer failed to pick up my wifes income which is clearly marked on the return. I have appealed twice and got no where. This is now a matter of principle as their guide states "If an error arises from their mistake, they will not reclaim the overpayment". I dont like it when I know I am right and have copies of all returns completed by myself to prove it. So will therefore continue my quest hopefully with the help of this s
  3. Have just come back from holiday to find a new letter from Cobbetts offering a goodwill payment of half my claim.**** I have seen one example of a rejection letter on this web site. Is there perhaps a forum with some examples of rejection letters? This would be helpful.
  4. Oh well, never got the help I required from my previous messages! however have now spoken to very helpful firm of solicitors and the advice gratefully received. My current position is that I have had the cobbetts letter requesting further info and received the AQ which was returned and now had a date set for court. A case management meeting on 6th March. I have replied to cobbetts with the "I am a litigant in person" letter, although there were two useful templates on this site and I merged some of the info from both. Lets now wait and see what Cobbetts have to say. OH! one mo
  5. Thanks Buzby, that was just the help I needed.
  6. Thanks for the comments however I just wanted a plain and simple answer to my question!!
  7. Ok Thanks for that however one more question, What is an LBA?
  8. I too have just received a penalty charge for failed DD. I am currently claiming all my bank charges from Vigin One and so consider it a natural follow on to do the same with T-Mobile. Just to clarify a point; I get chatged £3.00 a month for not paying by DD, I either pay by e-banking or over the phone. Surely they cant charge me to pay them the way I wish to do business, or can they. I would like to claim back all the £3.00 charges over the years both for myself and my wife. Can I?
  9. Hi there Can anybody please help me. I have tried to navigate around this site however seem not to be able to find what I am looking for.I recently filed a case against Virgin and have had a defence back from Cobbetts requesting further information. To expand on this, I have stated the usual "the charges are unlawful at common law, statute and recent consumer regulations" Cobbetts have requested " I specify all of the facts relied on in support of the contentions and in particular I must identify a) the particulat statute and/or regulations I refer to; B) the sections and/or regulations
  10. Hi michael and thanks for the reply, My claim is for £1500 including interest however since I filed the claim this figure has risen. I believe I have to make a second claim for this increased amount. The date I have for court is 6th March, and as far as I know it is the small claims court although the letter that arrived today does not make any mention of this. Whilst speaking of the letter that arrived today, I am a little unsure of the content, it reads; Before Deputy District Judge Fox sitting at Conwy and Colwyn County Court.........blah blah Upon the claimant not appear
  11. Hi Michael Thanks for the reply to my previous question. I would like your help with my first thread on this site. I am currently in the process of taking Virgin One to court. Virgin's solicitors have asked me to provide further information with which I need help. Firstly they ask "Is it the case the claimant (Me) should not have been charged?" or is it " the claimant should not have been charged this amount?" I'm not too sure which one I should refer to! Secondly, I have quoted the charges are "unlawful at common law, statute and recent consumer regulations". Virgins s
  12. Hi Martin Thanks for your reply however not too sure if it is me!!! I cant find any reference to my origional question regarding where to find specific information on a) the particular statute and/or regulations I refer to; b) the sections and/or regulations of each statute /regulation I refer to; and c) the principles of common law I relied upon in alleging the charges are unlawful, in the library. Perhaps you can be a littel more specific in order I may be able to locate the info. Regards Russell Dowell
  13. Hello once again Can any body advise me? I have filed a claim against Virgin One and a date has been set for court. Since I filed my claim and stated the amount of bank charges I wish to reclaim, I have had additional charges applied to my account. Can I claim for these at my first court hearing or do I have to make a second claim? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi and thanks for the reply however I do not know what either CPR part 18 or POC are. Given this, I have just re-read their letter and it could be they think my POC are too vauge. Can you please advise. Thanks. Russell
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