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  1. I took out a ppi policy IN 2005 at the same time i applied for a mortgage advance - as it was implied that i would stand more chance of qualifying for the loan if i did. Considering the advance was for consolidating debts, I obviously did not take much pursuading. At the time I was effectively self employed due to working through an umberella composite company in the construction industry I cancelled the policy about 15 months into it after finding out that my temporary employment contract would not be covered I therefore asked the halifax to accept the miselling claim on the groun
  2. Help, finances have gone into meltdown and i have some rather unsympathetic creditors refusing to negotiate, so i am considering going down the avenue of first challenging the validity of the agreements. Is there any threads or advice on here as i can`t seem to find them? would really appreciate any advice.
  3. i asked but only got the mileage as they don`t cover monies lost through missing work but more satisfying was the obvious annoyance shown by the magistrate to the prosecutor for bringing the case to court, just after i proclaimed it was preposterous to assume that i would not return a form that declared my innocence!
  4. update prosecution dropped case when i produced a copy of the original completed NIP , in court- which cheshire police had claimed they had never received. lessons learned ; always return every document by recorded post and photocopy everything!
  5. adjourned untill 13th january, seams i`m being accused of not supplying the name of the driver despite me phoning cheshire police twice- rejecting being the nominee to provide such information -and sending the original NIP request form back, still have photocopy!
  6. 5 sheets of, " witness statement", which basically record the guy who set the camera up, next the guy who collected it, then the person who viewed the film and firstly sent the S172 to the registered keeper- the company, who obviously then informed the police that they thought it would be me or as the NIP records, someone with a different surname than me but same address. it then records that no response from me was received. and a subsequent NIP was sent ( which i never received ) again with no reply. CERTIFICATE OF EVIDENCE FROM COMPUTER 2x NIPS SUMMARY TRIAL FORM 27A and 2
  7. no one ever been in a similar position then?
  8. re my, thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/168329-police-bluffing.html i am based in nottingham at the moment and the court is in chester , hearing date set for 14-12-2008, advice needed!
  9. i will big mac but i urgently need help in wording my LBA , I will include their objection to the FOS dealing with the case though, i mean why would they do that if they are so convinced of their own innocence in any wrong doing?
  10. so officially, the first document of record sent to me - with my correct name and spelling -was the 2nd NIP dated, 30-5-2008. However i never received this document- this being the alleged replacement for the original and incorrectly titled 1st NIP which although i had completed section 5, THEY CLAIMED THEY NEVER RECEIVED IT. All the more remarkable as the 2nd had my correct name and spelling this time, was this just a coincidence? So from the first NIP which i completed -although originally addressed to somebody else- to the next documentation which was in effect the summons
  11. the first NIP was dated the 25th -3-2008 and i cannot accurately say what date i received it but it was almost definately within a few days of the date, incidently it had the wrong surname, 6 letters and mine is a 10 letter surname. they maintained they never received it back with the appropriate information! so i suppose the date of return is academic as i kept a photo copy, is the fact that the different surname would constitute a failure to present within the required time frame on their part? never mind the main contentions
  12. steady on pat, the NIP was dated 25/3/2008, i filled it in and sent it back, i contacted them some weeks later to check on the progress and they said they never received it and would send out a duplicate.I never subsequently received a duplicate and so thinking that the original had therefore turned up, forgot about it assuming my statement had been accepted! by god i intend to fight this!
  13. i think you are spot on, i ran out of steam this last 12 months with the high court test case and all but i am getting my mojo back a bit now and have the PPI and mortgage charges in my sights!
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