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  1. Does anyone have a car that they no longer can afford to keep? I am looking to try get a lease assigned to myself . Please PM me with the details
  2. You have the upper hand when the debt is paid as banks do not have the right to process your data once the account has closed and the relationship has ended. When you open your account it states in the terms about the bank sharing information with a credit reference agency, You are basically allowing the bank to let them pass your account details to the CRA's and once the account is closed the document is terminated.
  3. congrats with your clean credit files. Mine is almost there
  4. I would suggest you come out of default. Pay what you can into all accounts and it will stop the default being registered. Plan the rest after
  5. If all else fails try the surlybonds method. Search CAG for it
  6. Have you submitted a Subject Access Request yet? If not then this is the first step.
  7. In short they dont have to prove anything regarding the debt. Creditors are in bed with the CRA's and when they provide them with new accounts it is done in a good faith as the creditor is bound to the usual leglislations to ensure they provide accurate data.
  8. It depends on your bank really. In my case they terminated the account but still havent defaulted me over a year after they closed the aco**** because of my "historic co-operation" says the bank
  9. Just before you apply, Alot of sub prime cards reject if you have had a default less than a year old. I would check your file first and then plan
  10. if your wife owes them £10k sell it back to HL for 15k with an agreement to stay quiet
  11. Ok so basically your not a self employed training consultant? If not then the finance is void simple as. You are more than welcome to send me a private message for some more guidance.
  12. Can they get your new address if you change your bank account? Yes, even if you make a new account. They use your credit file to track. Attachment of earnings? Maybe If your circumstances change in abt a year or so, make a full and final, wait a month and when it shows as paid on your credit file send an N244 which take it from me they will not bother contesting. CCJ will then be gone.
  13. If you can prove you sent it off in time then you can get it set aside. If you sent it late then set aside wont work.
  14. I think this may come under the revocing of double jepordy in 2005. If it does then they are within the law.
  15. Agree fully. I sent a complaint to my bank and they asked for 30 working days for an investigation to be conducted. In the end they sent a letter stating facts nothing to do with my case. I will give them 14 more days to comply then off to county.
  16. I am going through the same but doing well so far. When they say that overdrafts dont come under the CCA that is just basically telling you to fob off. The only part of an overdraft that isnt covered by the CCA is they dont need a signed acceptance that you are taking the overdraft. The rest of your account is covered. If you do manage to get your default notice it will say this default notice is issued under the consumer credit act. Ok now to get it off is harder. No single template exsists that can wipe away a default. I have been using information that my bank sent me to force them to remove it. I will give you a pointer but the bank called me today to counter my arguments that I have made against them so I cannot provide this information untill it works. If it does work ill post the info.
  17. Ok am I reading this wrong. I understood that default notices cannot be charged for by a bank. I am in dispute with a bank and I quoted the following from CCA 1974. Notice ofdefault sums; 86 E (6) The debtor or hirer shall have no liability to pay any sum in connection with the preparation or the giving to him of the notice under this section. The bank called me today saying that it didnt mean that at all and they will put it into writing. any input?
  18. I thought I would help out a few people on what action to take if they think they have an un-enforceable credit agreement with an extract from the OFT website. What the creditor can't do 1. Make you pay the whole amount before it is due. 2. Re-take any goods i.e Cars. 3. Get a CCJ against you. What the creditor can do 1. Make you pay any arrears. 2. Default you. 3. Update your file accordingly with a CRA. 4. Sell the debt or get a debt collection agency to chase it. 5.Take you to court. It might seem unfair but an un-enforceable credit agreement can still be enforced. In some cases the creditor has chosen to withdraw the case, This happens mainly when they are asked by the debtor to provide the original documents when the creditor has taken the debtor to court. 4.
  19. Hi James; They usually terminate an account whilst in default. If you provide a little more info we can try and help mate.
  20. Hi Email [email protected] who are the organisation who are in charge of CCJs. Explain to them the situation and attach your identification for them to verify it isnt you as they are the only organisation who can deal with it. P.S they have a very good customer service and usually you can get a reply within the hour (office times)
  21. Just like to inform you. They cant bring any new evidence into the case but just try another angle with the info already submitted.
  22. Hi Not really. Credit repair companies charge you to have adverse entries removed but really there isnt a point. I started cleaning up my file in December 2010 and Have already got a CCJ and a default removed. The other 2 defaults should be gone in a few weeks and then I have a new credit file.
  23. You have been fighting it for 2 years now! Why show weakness? To make it worse your posting it on a popular forum and im sure they may have read your thread. Stick to your guns, no point thinking negative.
  24. What did the judge say then??? He set my CCJ aside straight away and normally tells you. If they you have another court date then just present the information.
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