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  1. Hi All Sorry I haven't posted - been a busy week. A lot has happened this week. Firstly, I was able to buy an energy monitor from a boot sale for a bargain (£3) on Saturday, which, after installing, has given me a massive insight into what we are using and where it's being used the most. The panel heaters in the bedrooms are chewing up the most electric - they are large and, although the're on LED timers, there are old. So we're putting them on only when we need them until the warmer weather kicks in. All the figures for our usage that corresponds with the readings are correct. From this I can only assume that we have actually used the amount we owe. I have taken meter readings for most of the week and found we have used on average, 18.83 units per day. We are being TONS more careful with our usage and checking the monitor a few times each night. I have also decided not to pursue the matter with the Ombudsman for 2 reasons: 1) I don't like to go down these routes as they take too long and I don't like, what I feel is 'living in the past.' I have other debts which I am working hard and paying them off as quickly as possible. 2) There is no guarantee that I will gain much headway with the Ombudsman, and as there's every possibility we owe what we owe, we'll still have to pay it back. There's no doubt that Eon's customer service with us has been rubbish, and their 'Goodwill Gesture' has been inadequate, but I am not in a good position to negotiate on anything in this matter as I owe so much. There's also the fact that I have an online account that I can access anytime and would like to think that Eon will update my balance on a regular basis as they should (If not I'll ring them and ask that they sort it). I have kept the Direct Debit at the same amount so should make up a lot of the arrears over the summer months, together with extra payments when I can. In answer to your question @ericsbrother, the fusebox is relatively new and as far as we know the panel heaters and immersion heaters are not faulty (we had the main element in the immersion heater replaced last year.) We have relatively new cooker and new washing machine. I will keep on top of this until the bill is paid, and with the monitor it should be a lot easier. Thanks for your help all, the last couple of weeks has taught me a lot about our electric systems. One last question, does anyone know if the government is running a scheme for Central heating at a reduced rate? Lawrence
  2. Thanks for the advice Malc and Nottslad Will carry out all these checks tomorrow. In the meantime have a good weekend. Lawrence
  3. Hi Malc Yes, your review of the situation is pretty much spot on. I wonder if you can ask the right dept to send me the Final Resolution letter as, although the complaint has been running for a year, I am not sure whether or not it was closed last year. All the bills I have received have been estimated. I am unsure of the reason behind the £560 as I haven't been told - possibly accurate readings. I have started checking the meter at regular intervals and will do a check as per Crappoman's suggestion. Cheers for now Lawrence
  4. Thanks Crappoman, I have them here. Will run through the figures.
  5. HI Crappoman Thanks . I will do the fault check on the meter, but this meter was installed in March 15 and I don't have the meter reading from when we moved in.
  6. Hi all Apologies for the length and the sarcasm of this post but as in the title - this has been going on a long time and was on the phone for an hour to Eon today. We moved in to our 3 bed terraced in Nov 13 and kept with Eon as the supplier. The house has no gas but we noticed old storage heaters downstairs that I removed as I knew they were expensive to use (and in one case, broken anyway). As we have two meters, one that runs the heaters and the other runs all other services, I was under the impression that, when I asked them to, Eon would arrange the removal of one meter and the change of the other through Scottish Power. On 15 Jan 2015, I received a yearly electricity bill of £1025. I emailed several times why I wasn't receiving more regular bills but received no reply. After a sarcastic but angry email, my query was taken up by a dedicated complaints manager who advised that the meter would be change over for the correct rate meter and remove the redundant one. This was replaced on 5 March 2015. She also set up a direct debit for £120 for my current usage and £42 for the arrears for the next 24 months. I was under the impression, she had also ensured I could submit meter readings online to keep things accurate. However I was unaware that she hadn't. I had attempted to submit meter readings online from my single meter, but these were rejected as the system required me to submit readings from 2 separate meters. (I have been told today that my reading were placed on file as 'notes') Over the last 2 years, on about 8 occasions, I have had readers in to read my meter. In addition, all my bills have been estimated statements. As I have said, I run electric only, a fire in the lounge when it's cold and 3 x panel heaters upstairs which are run on timers for 1-2 hours per night depending on the time of year, immersion heater and cooker. Today, I received my second annual bill from Eon totalling £1753. It seems my usage has gone up to 50 kwh per day and I have not even paid my usage for this year, much less the arrears from last year. As stated, I spent an hour with a complaint manager that offered me £560 off the bill from their reviewing my account, which seems poor as I thought the £42 was for that purpose and expected some reduction in the previous year's arrears. On hearing this I escalated my complaint to a bill review department. I stated to him that I wanted at least some of the previous years arrears to be discounted. He stated I had a choice: Pay £93 for a 'load check' on my meter, or Have the meter changed completely and he stated he would monitor the usage over the next few weeks to check usage. I can't afford the £93 so opted for the meter change and monitor. After speaking to the appointments department, he said they would not change the meter as they say there they monitor the meter and there is be nothing wrong with it. (How do they know this and if they do know, why can't they take meter readings from it direct?) So I am left with a £1753 bill with a £560 reduction and a £20 'gesture of goodwill' to cover phone costs, etc (thanks!) - Final total - £1173 What I want to know, if anyone can answer, is: Do I have a case here with the Ombudsman? I have had dealings with other (Financial) Ombudsman in the past and have found them to be ineffective in helping me with my case. Is this the same with the Energy Ombudsman? Could my meter be faulty? Unless I pay the £93, I have no way of finding out. Why don't we have an industry standard (which I questioned in the phone call) for energy usage? Should I be resigned to paying as much as I can for the next 10 years while I save the money to pay these bully boys in full? Do I have any rights here? (Should I ask for their Consumer Credit Licence number as they now offer/encourage overdrafts!) I have just checked my account and I can now submit a meter reading for a single meter - for the first time in 13 months We are paying other debts off at the moment but it's slow progress - this feels like 5 steps back. Apologies again for the sarcasm - even writing this is p*ssing me off. Thanks for reading Lawrence
  7. As already said, you need to scan the yellow copy loan agreement up for us to see. Delete all your personal info on MS paint and put up here on a pdf file (you can find free pdf converters online) Then we can give you further advice. Law
  8. You may not be the font of all the angles, but you know more than I and I'm grateful for that. Thanks for all your help on this one so far. Will keep you, Citizen8 (and anyone else reading the thread) updated over the next few weeks/months. I need to talk to my friend over our general financial situ anyway. Thanks again Law
  9. I see what you are saying dx. Do you want the next letter on here when I receive it? Also, would it be worth running it past an IFA friend of mine who deals with debt to try and kill it off? Law
  10. Hi Guys Can anyone help me on what I should be doing to ensure I only pay what I owe and not the charges and penalties made on the account? Thanks in advance Lawrence
  11. Hi guys Really sorry for not getting back to you quickly. Had a manic last few days. dx - I have check my CRA's and have no record of this debt. the OH has checked her Equifax report and nothing on there either. We will be checking her Experian report when we have paid their fees from last time (later this week)!! Not paying anymore either. I have attached the agreement and statement they sent me in the SAR, with all the personal info I could find removed. If you mods see anything personal, please take them off and amend. Cheers Anything else you need, holla. Thanks Lawrence
  12. Hi guys Finally got the SAR from Black Horse. What docs do you want to see on here, regarding the charges and discounts offered? Thanks in advance Lawrence
  13. Hi Guys Finally getting around to sending this SAR. Quick question - who should it be sent to: Hillesdens or Black Horse? Many thanks Law
  14. Ok thank you dx I'll send an SAR letter to them based on the template on here. Will be in touch Thanks again Law
  15. From the letters we've kept, the debt has "journeyed" from Black Horse to DLC, Then to MDB under wife's name only, then to Nolans. We have not received anything else from DLC since Sept 2012. They offered 2 settlements, 1 of £1458 in June 2011 and the £727. Couldn't say why. Am happy to send an SAR, should I need to, when I have a bit more cash (next couple of weeks)
  16. Thanks CitizenB As I say, I assume we were served the default notice but it may have been binned Here is all the docs to date inc today's "accident" letter rescanned. Law
  17. ok have orginal agreements. Will process and put them up with whatever else that's important.
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