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  1. Well im a little lost now. So far i have ordered the statements for the two loan accounts, also in a separate phone call the loan agreements are coming. As im not trusting i have my paperwork in order before the claim starts. Do i now now do i start the ball rolling with lloyds? Where do sent the letter to? many thanks Rob
  2. Hi Landy, Thank you for your post, i phoned the bank this evening, they are posting me the credit agreements for the too loans in question. Ok i will ask them about the subject access thingy. Many thanks for putting me on the path of war lol
  3. I have phoned the bank the 1st loan was taken out 2002 the 2nd was 2005 both for £7000 with PPI. Would i be able to claim the PPI back? How do i do it? Many thanks
  4. Hi all, Im new to all this so be kind lol. I have just kicked of a FSA investigation due to DDs for a service already included in my lloyds account. This got me thinking, over the last ten years i have had 3 loans, 2 of which will have the PPI issue The 1st was paid off along time ago...... no paper work to prove i had it. The 2nd was with lloyds taken out 3/4 years ago. It was paid off when i took out a new loan with Lloyds april 09. If i was to ask for a Refund of the PPI Would the bank close my bank account or lower the type of account ? This there any other thin
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