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  1. Letters posted (with proof of postage) to both Capquest & Drydens on Jan 11, letter received today from Drydens.. Thank you for your recent request for further information.Unfortunately our client has been unable to provide a copy of the Credit agreement at present. Despite the above, the balance remains due and owing and it is imprtant that the matter is addressed. It has been over 12 months since I previously requested a copy of the CCA so I will wait a further 6 (working) days which will be the required 12 + 2 days for Capquest to respond
  2. Just to confirm, on the PAP paperwork under section D where I dispute the debt I simply put...I have requested a true copy of the original CCA from Capquest. ? Or do I need to add anything else? And then under section I, I simply put the same as section D? Thanks
  3. That makes sence, I guess if they can't produce a CCA again they will wait another year and start the whole thing over again
  4. I will do, I requested a copy of the CCA over a year ago and to date have not received it
  5. Recieved a letter from DrydensFairfax this morning it reads.... This is a letter of claim sent to you in accordance with the pre-action protocol for debt claims,blah blah blah.We are instructed by our client Capquest in relation to the above debt.If you do not provide proposals to repay this debt,or respond as otherwise detailed in this letter and it's attachments,legal proceedings may be issued against you in the County Court.Blah blah blah. The agreement this debt relates to was entered ito between you and Cap One on xx Nov 1998. A copy of the agreement can be requested using the reply form. I guess they have forgotten I am STILL waiting for a copy that I requested over a year ago Still, more paper for lighting the fire
  6. It was the contradiction in their letter that made me chuckle
  7. Upon first reading the letter it took me a few seconds to go from trying to work out their logic to laughing at their incompetence
  8. Difficult for them to do that as I filed the letter under 'paper for lighting the fire'
  9. today I received a letter from Drydensfairfax and if ever there was proof needed they are useless then this letter covers it! Your requested document(s) are available, we have received the documentation you requested for your account. Due to the Covid-19 situation we are unable to send hard copy documentation to you at this time. We can provide you with this information via out customer portal, simply register and log onto you account etc etc.... Unfortunately our client has been unable to provide a copy of the Credit Agreement at present.
  10. As of today......not a thing! Sod's law that now I have mentioned it I'll probably get a letter in the next few days
  11. Today after 2 & half months I received a letter from Capquest,it says.... 'We continue to progress your query and are currently awaiting a response from Capital One' Is there a time limit on them supplying the information requested,or do I just wait and see what they come up with?
  12. I sent a CCA request to Drydensfairfax ( as Capquest told me they have handed my account to them), received a letter from Drydens today.... Please be advised your account has been placed on temporary hold while we contact our client with details of your query. We are returning your cheque for £1 as this is no longer required. We will inform you of the outcome as soon as a responce is received from our client. Do they mean the £1 fee no longer needs to be paid and the CCA request is free or.....
  13. What would be the point? surely they will just reply with the same paperwork they replied with last time
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