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  1. I sent a CCA request to Drydensfairfax ( as Capquest told me they have handed my account to them), received a letter from Drydens today.... Please be advised your account has been placed on temporary hold while we contact our client with details of your query. We are returning your cheque for £1 as this is no longer required. We will inform you of the outcome as soon as a responce is received from our client. Do they mean the £1 fee no longer needs to be paid and the CCA request is free or.....
  2. What would be the point? surely they will just reply with the same paperwork they replied with last time
  3. I have received further communication from Drydensfairfax.... This is a letter of claim sent to you in accordance with the pre-action protocol for debt claims.It is imprtant that you read and understand the contents of this letter and its attachments.We are instructed by our client in relation to the above debt.If you do not provide proposals to repay this debt or respond as otherwise detailed in this letter and its attachments,legal proceedings may be issued against you in the county court yada yada yada. On their payment offer sheet it states 'you have received this notice because a business intends to take you to court in relation to a debt,this notice tells you what to do next,including how to avoid court action.Please read it carefully' As I was paying them £5 a month before I ran out of funds to continue I think I will write to them and tell them I can start paying the £5 a month again, or they can have a £500 one off full and final payment. (balance is £3800, obviously they didnt pay that hen they bought the debt)
  4. The debt is an old Capital One credit card debt
  5. Was paying off an old debt they bought wrote to them almost 18 months ago informing them of my then circumstance (serious road accident off work for 28 months with no income) my repayments to them ceased due to lack of money but never heard anything from them in responce. I returned to work in April of this year and with mortgage arrears etc completely forgot about the CQ debt, a week ago I received a letter from them informing me of 'Notification of Account Transfer to New Agency' (new agency being Drydensfairfax Solicitors), it states. We are writing to let you know that the management of your account has been transferred to Drydensfairfax Solicitors' On Aug 18 I received a letter from Drydensfairfax informing me who they are and that I have until Aug 23 to pay the full amount outstanding or to contact them. Today I received another letter from CQ stating they have been unable to contact me to discuss my account so will shortly be instructing Resolvecall LTD to visit my property, if they do not hear from me by Aug 30 Resolvecalll will be instructed to visit my property without further notice. Seems a very strange way to conduct business by passing an account to a solicitor then gearing up to insturct a doorstep caller to visit a property!
  6. I decided to re-send the letter I sent them at the start of April, they received the 2nd letter (always by signed for post) on June 7 but again they have chosen to ignore it, today I received a letter from their legal department stating... Our collections team has passed your account to us because you haven't agreed a way to pay the money you owe us. We're now in charge of getting a County Court Judgement issued against you, to demand you pay the money back. Get in touch within 10 days or we'll pass your account to our solicitors, they'll write explaining what you owe and giving you one last chance to pay. If you don't pay, they may apply for a CCJ. The court could demand that you also pay the solicitors costs and court fees, which we'll add to the balance you owe us. Nice that they choose to ignore my letters, I wonder what their excuse will be should they decide to take me to court to obtain a CCJ?!
  7. Jan 2017 I entered into the monthly payment agreement with Tesco, they then sold the debt on to Intrum in Jan of this year, Intrum have been trying to get me to call them/register online with them to come to a payment arangement ever since.
  8. Appologies for the late update, work has been hectic. I wrote to Intrum on 1st April pointing out that when they purchased the debt from Tesco I was already on a payment plan and that this would have carried over when they purchased the debt, I also made a full and final offer to them of £500 (against an almost £2k debt) I sent this letter 'signed for' and still have the receipt, not heard from Intrum until a letter arrived today.... 'We are planning to hand your account over to our legal team on 09/06/19. They may apply for a CCJ to demand you repay the money by a certain date.If you dont pay and judgement is granted, we can apply to the court to issue: attachement of earnings or a charging order...yada yada yada' I think I will write to them directing them to my earlier letter and see what they say
  9. Just to contact them to either pay in full or arrange a payment plan I can afford, that's it.. ..except how much solicitor fees and court costs will be incurred should they take me to court
  10. Thanks, yes the £20 a month has been regular payment since 2017 agreed with Tesco There is no dispute with the debt so no need for CCA's etc
  11. Hi, not posted in a long time but back again. Tesco who I have been making a monthly payment of £20 against a £2k debt have now sold the debt to Intrum, ever since they have taken it over they have repeatedly left voicemails (number is blocked but can still leave a voicemail), text me and written to me asking for me to contact them, to date I have not made contact and have changed the payments so Intrum are receiving the £20, today I have received yet another letter stating.. "We're thinking of taking you to court, we don't want to.But, if you don't get in touch soon, we'll pass your account to our legal team. They'll consider applying for a County Court Judgement...yada yada yada" Would I be correct in my thinking that as I am continuing to make the monthly repayments (they are lucky to be getting them as been off work for 2 years due to an accident) the reality of obtaining a CJ is slim to none? So, a scare tactic to get me to contact them? I've no problem writing to them which I'm thinking of doing with a settlement offer anyway. Or they can apply to a court to obtain a CCJ to get me to pay something I am already paying? Thanks
  12. Have/had a secured loan with Black Horse, got in arrears due to financial problems but had an arrangement with BH for reduced monthly payment with a reduced % rate, BH sold the debt to Idem Servicing (confirmed via Noddle), asked Idem to freeze the interest as most of the monthly payment was being taken in interest, they replied with no but would reduce the % rate while I was making a reduced payment, their letter stated 'we will confirm in a seperate letter your new interest rate'. After 3 months I am STILL waiting for this letter and even after me writing to them again I still have not received confirmation, I have however today received a nice letter from then stating they have been attempting to contact me and if I do not phone them within 24hrs of receiving the letter they will instruct one of their field agents (Excel) to visit me at my home. I will be writing to them again to reiterate I will only deal with them via letter and any uninvited visitor will be asked to leave my property, all my letters to them have been sent recorded delivery but Idem just seem to ignore anything I send them, I have also checked my account with them on my Noddle account and it would also seem that they have been telling me lies as by my calculations they have never reduced the % rate from the original! Appologies for yet another Idem Servicing thread but sadly they appear to be useless!
  13. Yes, I have been here a while and I know what is needed and at present that is to do nothing except keep up with my payments, if...or should I say when Idem start playing funny buggers then I will respond accordingly.
  14. Have read a few threads on this company as I have now had the misfortune of having to deal with them! I have (or had) a secured loan with Black Horse Finance, they have now sold it on to Idem Servicing so it looks like after reading about them I will start getting hassles I guess The first dealings with them are a negative (tell solicitor one thing then tell me something different). Fingers crossed they don't get too annoying!
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