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  1. Yeah your right, Dad says to just let it lie because some managers just don't like you making a fuss even if your in the right.Comforting I suppose that I had to tell my current manager this morning because I knew they were going to be informed.My manager said that it didnt happen on their department and the whole thing was silly and thats not how they operate.They said the letter will go far into the depths of somewhere and that they have already forgotten about it and so shoudl I because I was a very good worked and a pleasure to have on the department.This I only found out this morning afte
  2. It was a disciplinary Investigation.The decision had to be made after a report had been produced as to whether to take it to panel for a disciplinary hearing.Yes I did use the nhs phone but to me it was not personal reason its was work related.Manager took me into an office and said you have questioned another member of staff about her justification for being the band of pay that she is.She informed me this was serious and in itself could warrant disciplinary action being taken against me.I did not do this and I told her so.I also told her that I was not even in work on the day this incident h
  3. m thinking of taking my own action against the Midwife concerned for other things.She is not fit for the position and this has been demonstrated at least 10 times by inappropriate behaviour and actions.Do I have to appeal and clear my name before I can take action of my own against her.Even though it was her who started the whole fiasco she was not involved iht he investigation.
  4. Ive just recieved a verbal warning from a department I no longer work in (NHS) after a 4 month drawn out Investigation over me phoning a colleague from the works phone to ask about an allegation made about me which was not true.( It was in works time I was accused and a work related issue) The person who I was meant to have confronted admitted it was not me who had questioned her over her job role.I was disciplined for using the works phone to call her and for being upset in earshot of the patients. The manager who accused me had been told of the alleged incident by a third party and
  5. Neither,they claim the card was damaged when they got it.Also the card was deemed faulty by the manufaturer and it has a 2 year warranty so they do have to replace it.But I dont want another card from them as their service is so poor.Ive done a chargeback now on my Debit card anyway.I had to go out and buy a new card over xmas ( didnt want to wait for post in bad weather) so a new card from them is of no use.
  6. Has anyone else had Problems with Tek Computers based in Dorset?I purchased a graphics card from them in September from their online store and at checkout the only available option ( the others could not be selected) was delivery by courier for almost 7 pounds.I wanted 1st class recorded but it wouldn't allow it.The card actually came by first class recorded at just over 2 pounds and I phoned them for a refund of the difference but they refused saying that it was a product they have delivered direct from the manufacturer and therefor nothing to do with them.The card then developed a fault and
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