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  1. Thanks for the replies Just to confirm, the deposit was protected even if we didn't actually find out about it until after we had moved out. I think I will try writing officially to the landlord and then, if they do nothing, I will try a court claim. I will also contact the TDS. Cheers Odonate
  2. Hi First post for me on this forum. We moved out of a rented flat in July after 9 months (6 + 3). There were plenty of problems with the flat that were not dealt with in a timely manner or at all in some cases. We are quite happy to let these problems be however. After moving out, we did not receive word of our deposit and contacted the letting agency without reply. By the time we got round to finding out officially what had happened, we had gone over the 90 day limit. We have never received a letter from the TDS despite our deposit being registered with them and certainly did not receiv
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