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  1. I've just learnt that they had £1690 in another account for me so took me to court when they had the amount owing plus more from 2010. People need to check to make sure they don't have more than one account. I'm currently seeking advice as I want to take council to court for causing undue stress.
  2. Unbeknown to me I've had £1690 sitting in another council tax account from 2010. I knew I'd kept up my payments and knew I'd done no wrong but had no proof. The council are going to transfer my money into my new account BUT I would like advice as they caused me undue stress in 2013. I hear constantly about the council taking people to court for unpaid tax yet not once until yesterday did they inform me that this was there. I was put through hell back in 2013 when Rossendale bailiffs were on my doorstep. I've paid bailiff fees and court costs unnecessarily. Can I take the council to court
  3. Am I correct in thinking that they need a clamping order from magistrates court to clamp a vehicle? Thought I'd add as I don't believe this is mentioned in this thread.
  4. If the debt is bought by another finance company will they in turn take ownership of my car?
  5. Something else i have noticed but it prob means nothing...the "statement of price" part is unsigned...does ths make any difference?
  6. Will find out if any friends/relitives have scanner and post asap. Thank you.
  7. Is there a template that can be used to aply to have these charges reversed?
  8. The "deposit" was my old car. What I did not know was that they only gave us £1 for it! God if I knew that I wouldn't of bothered at all cos it was worth a lot more! At the time they advertised on TV to say they were gving £1000 PX so as far as I knew that is what we were getting for it. As far as figures not adding up it states that the final payment inclues an option fee which is £1. The interest is ONLY on the credit as it states - Rate of interest on credit (per annum). Are they not allowed to charge for phone calls etc as it is written in agreement? I know that banks are allowed
  9. Ok so welcome is ****? Brain not working today sorry. Would you recommend taking documentation to local C.A.B to view before we see this new manager?
  10. Bailiffs and debt collectors : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits please read above it helped me (as well as his forum) when i had problem wih Rossendales for same reason. I paid council direct via online payments and my payments were never questioned and I never again heard from Rossendales. They are bullies PLEASE do not answer door to them and do not leave windows doors open. They have NO power to get in otherwise and NEVER fall for the "can I come in so we can arrange payment". I have children and felt exactly the same as you and it is scary if you do not know you rights. Good luc
  11. Oh by the way this is why I knew what my rights wre ave a read- Bailiffs and debt collectors : Directgov - Money, tax and benefits
  12. I have been in same position and here is what you have to do - Do NOT ALLOW THEM ENTRY they are not allowed to force entry and police CANNOT help them break in as thi is against the law. DO NOT leave windows or doors open as they cannot let themselves in. Pay council DIRECT! They might tell you that you cannot but I am proof you can and at present my account is up to date. Please don't worry they don't have as much power as you would believe, they are just bullies. Make regular payments at what you can afford directly to he council via telephone or online.
  13. How doi find the **** forum? Not feeling very intelligent today lol
  14. lol Thank you so much for your help, must admit I looked on this forum a while back when we had council tax problems and had debt collectors (Rossendales) on doorstep. I took advice given to ignore them and pay council direct. My account is now up to date and have had no problems from debt collectors! It is useful to know your rights when it comes to these penny pinching no gooders! I would personally like to see if we can claim back money for insurances a this was not explained properly and we were not informed that we culd purchase this elsewhere.
  15. ok...here goes- Amount of credit for goods- M-R £8,909.00 A Amount of credit for the insurances- N £850.00 B Total amount of credit A+B £9,759.00 C Duration of Agreement 48 months Total amount payable for the Goods A+R+B £12,617.36 D Total amount payable for the insurances N+W £1,203.84 E Total amount payable D+E £13,821.20 F Payable by 48 monthly payments of £287.90 plus the option fe
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