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  1. Legal services commission cover up over multi-million pound payments to wealthy convicted criminals. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/unacceptable-coverup-over-cost-of-legal-aid-for-wealthy-criminals-8359947.html Legal aid started out to help the poor who couldn't afford a solicitor. Now solicitors and courts divert the money to the wealthy, hold lengthy expensive court hearings and furnish their own pockets with the proceeds. If Judges were paid a salary of £20,000p.a. and solicitors could only charge litigant in person rates, you'd see a lot more justice in the system. Money and power always corrupt.
  2. Answer me this. When the Respondent argues that the written exclusion clause is not definitive and other items (not listed) should be included. Do you agree? Gaston, you strike me as a timid soul. Someone who doesn't question authority.
  3. Today I lost my appeal. In summing up the Judge started by outlining the respective positions of both parties. He stopped doing so when the truth would inconvenience the pre determined outcome. I realised the purchase protection insurance isn't a contract, it's an amendment to an existing contract. I said as much but the Judge persisted in calling it a contract. Once he accepted the agreement was with Royal Sun Alliance despite Natwest settling disputes in regards to claims I knew the Judge was ignoring case law in relation to conduct. The Judge however wouldn't approve cost until a cost Judge had looked at the costings. A small crumb of comfort. For anyone out there who later reads this and is in a similar situation. My advice is don't bother appealing a decision. In some ways it felt like a FOS decision. Meaning the law was never applied.
  4. I take it you gained your court experience watching matlock. I hear if you watch it long enough you start to believe the courts are just and never wrong.
  5. A good way of knowing when a decision is likely to go against you, is when you are a litigant in person facing a solicitor. The solicitor will always be allowed to present his claim or defence first. In the many of the cases where the solicitor is the defendant, he\she will be allowed to present your claim and their defence before you've even uttered a word. The judge will then ask hostile questions of your claim as the defendant has provided it, denying you the right to present your claim until you've answered their questions. The excuse for this behaviour is a solicitor is legally trained and therefore better equipped to speak to the court in a language it can understand. I never knew corruption had it's own language. Oh well, you live and learn.
  6. The listing manager at the lambeth county court has informed me DJ Wakem no longer sits at the court. Unfortunately that's the extent of the good news. The e-mail goes on to say the court had received the N460 form I had sent on the 23rd July 2012 but was faxing a copy to the Judge today. It's a good thing the courts are protected by the royal charter otherwise it's incompetence would have seen it bankrupted thrice over.
  7. I dealt with this same judge. 2 seperate claims, 2 seperate claims of bias from this judge http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?326955-Does-the-Judge-violated-a-court-rule-and-can-I-dispute-the-jurisdiction-of-the-court-to-hear-my-claim
  8. I'am in a similar predicament. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?357628-Natwest-purchase-protection-insurance-claim-struck-out Please don't give up if a district judge strikes out your claim. You are in the right. As I have found district judges are no better than the FOS where banks and public institutions are concerned.
  9. Here's another example http://www.standard.co.uk/news/this-secrecy-in-court-wont-give-us-true-justice-6532410.html
  10. I shouldn't get into trouble for posting this link since it's from a 'reputable' newspaper and the facts are public knowledge. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1254134/Tanned-relaxed-earning-big-bucks--judge-far-stressed-face-trial.html#comments http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1362611/Judge-and-solicitor-held-in-corruption-inquiry.html How about 2 miscreants? How about 3 with Judge Richard Green who was found guilty at Lewes Crown Court of swindling the elderly out of £85,000 while he was a solicitor.
  11. Today the Lambeth county court refused to accept documents to a circuit judge and a listing manager. Why? I hear you ask. Because they are trying out a pilot scheme where only urgent matters are dealt with. I asked for the documents to be stamped so as to verify the court had witness them. I was refused again. I was told to post the documents in a letterbox by the judge's entrance. Considering the Lambeth court has lost 4 documents I had sent it, it doesn't bode well for the documents I posted. The court can lose documents without the claimant\defendant being able to prove it was ever sent. The difference between the courts in england and those in afganistan, pakistan, zimbabwe etc is that the lie of the rule of law is still believed here. You are optimistic because from on high the judiciary does seem like a noble bunch. It's only when you're in the trenches that you see what everything is made of.
  12. The cleaning company can't prove anything. They're probably trying it on. Their claim will be struck out.
  13. It lacks credibility to suggest a hearing shouldn't be filmed due to the sensitivity of another hearing. Legislation could be drafted to ensure only certain hearings were digitally recorded. To my mind it's a false dictum which allows the courts to do as they please without fear of repercussion. The decisions of the lower courts are not scrutinized. Who other than the interested parties will ever bear witness to the proceedings? The impression you give is that these judges try their best and sometimes get it wrong. Though I suspect you'll say that's the prices we pay for a free and fair judicial system? When nothing could be further from the truth.
  14. I don't think the Judge will allow minors in. No matter how well intentioned.
  15. You haven't helped me out as much as caught me out, which given our previous correspondence is an achievement for you. Perhaps you should go lie down.
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