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  1. Took it to a local garage now who have inspected it. The only damage so to speak is when the recovery person drove the car with hand brake on. The garage has quoted me a decent price to put the bumper back on. I will ask to him to recheck again anyways - maybe do an MOT. I have informed my insurer and have a reference number now. It will not be recorded as a Cat-S/N since I am not making a claim. If I were to make a claim,they offered 3500£ to write off and a reduced amount for me to keep it on as a Cat-S.
  2. Yes, yes, all details are recorded. I do intend to inform my insurer - my question is would they write the car off as a Cat-S, if I do inform of the accident and ask them not to pay out. The mechanic at the yard told me that it was a write off - my car is 15 years old and is a Toyota Prius. He offerred to call it into the garage and do the paper work. The only damage to the car is the bumper. The highway officer did record all details of the accident, so I cannot stop from informing my insurer I guess. Other than using the free recovery service, I havent used the courtesy car etc. My dad has cancer and my family are waiting on treatment plans etc. Changing car and running behind it is going to consume time and effort I dont have. Using a courtesy car, returning it, getting new car etc is going to be a challenge I can get the car fixed by using a scrap yard bumper.
  3. Hello All, I had an accident on Saturday on the M4. The accident was not my fault - it was a multi car accident. The car behind me rear-ended me and my cars' rear bumper came off( I was the last person to be impacted by the accident). I am yet to call my insurer and inform of the accident - From the accident spot, my car was taken to the yard and from there I came back home driving it. Now my query : if I declare a claim on the insurance supermarket websites using my current car with the declaration of an accident( with mentioning of the fact that my insurer did not pay out and mention the cost of £250 to fix the car), my insurance only goes up by 30£, if I use the number plate of a cat s car(same make and model as mine) my insurance goes up by about 200£ per year. Am I right in not declaring the accident to my insurance. If I do have to report it to my insurance and mention I will be getting my car fixed myself without any insurance funding, would that keep the car as a normal car(if I do seek insurance funding, it will be written of as a cat-S since an inspector would come and view the car) . I want to keep the car in a sellable state and also wish to avoid the headache of changing my car. I will be declaring the accident in all insurance quotations. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks Heliosuk, I agree with what you are saying. The specific difficulty I have is that some garages recommend changing the discs and some dont. Honda and Halfords have recommended to change them. Kwik Fit and the independent garage today recommended it was not required. Safety comes first for sure , but , also I hope not to do away with the discs before they have reached the end of their safe usable life. Is there a calliper or measurement tool I could use to measure the thickness myself? Thanks, George.
  5. Sorry , could not get any pictures. The independent dealer felt it was related to age as well. The rear end of the exhaust will also need replacing at some point - This is what I have been told by him. About the damage, when my wife parked the car at the dealership, it was not blowing. When the technician drove it into the workshop for work,it was not blowing - they would have informed me it needed replacing when they called me to ask about the disc brakes and pads. It broke some time after the first call they made - what they did and how it got to that state they probably know. The car is driven on a lot of road bumps etc so if it were that weak it would have blown long time ago.
  6. Hello All. Thanks for all the responses. Sorry for the delay in replying. I got the car fixed at the local garage for 86£ today. Honda offered to fix the issue provided I paid for the part , quoting 240£ (inc VAT)., they said they could waive the labor. However, even before I escalated the issue they were quoting 240£ (though I am not sure if they meant labor would be charged separate). I don't think they purposely broke it, they were probably careless a bit. I think the middle piece of the exhaust was on its way out and them putting the car on the ramp broke it - in short they made me spend 86£ which I could have spend 6 months later,today. In my opinion, they should have done an inspection of the under carriage before getting it onto the ramp - since its a visually inspect-able item. Of course, if they escalated the issue to me and told me there is a possibility of the exhaust getting damaged , I would have most probably told them to not do the service and just do the CVT flush - this of course is lost revenue for them - but I guess in my mind the Honda dealer would have gold rating. In this case what the dealer did was be cheeky and try to hard sell the exhaust to me after breaking it(due to carelessness and age of the part). However, I have to say that I always doubt main dealers - somehow I always land up with a 500£+ yearly bill when servicing my Prius , Avensis and Jazz at the main dealer. Good example is the Jazz itself , I was told that the front discs and pads needed replacing immediately. The local garage did a road-rolling test today( I think its used to test brakes during the MOT) and recommended not to change anything on the front. This is inline with the MOT test not having any advisories 4 months ago. Safety is utmost consideration to me, but , pulling on the emotional line to get me change more than required is too much. Honda still won at the end of the day - they took 500£ directly for a car worth 1650£. Thanks for all the advice. I decided it was better to move on and not hold it against them and have a working(and silent) car.
  7. Hello All, I have a Honda which I gave to an authorized dealer for sevice.The car is about 10+ years old.the car drives and runs fine.Yesterday I gave it to an authorized dealer in west London to flush the CVT transmission oil to solve a clutch judder problem, which is a known issue on this car.I thought I can get the service done as well. All in the grand total was 500£. In between the service they called me up and tried getting extra work done quoting the discs and pads need replacing.I politely declined since the car passed it's MOT 4 months ago without any advisories. After that phone call I get another call saying the exhaust needs replacing which I politely decline.However they say it's on the verge of breaking.I said since its not broken yet I can get it fixed. Long story short the exhaust was fine when we gave it for service.It was roaring like an F1 car when they delivered it back.the Payment was taken by phone. I think they damaged it when they got it onto the ramp and hence the emergency phone call to replace the exhaust and the extra caveats that it can blow "anytime". When I called them they said it was coincidence that the car had blown the exhaust after service. I know damage was done whilst in their possession. If I were them I would make sure that the undercarriage was in good shape before I mounted it on the ramp. Do I have any legal recourse ? My wife needs the car and I can't make it wait for weeks and will need to get it fixed soon or rent a car. Would fixing the car change my legal position? Thanks,George
  8. Hello All, I will outline in short the exact occurrences and what information helped when. April 2008 - I buy a laptop from Comet for 500£ on Credit Card, and agree to purchase an extended warranty agreement for 2 years for 119.99£. Now at the point of sale, I signed a document for the extended warranty. I was informed by the salesperson that it was an immediate "replacement" warranty - likes of which currys' , tesco et al do actually have. I was told that this warranty would supersede the laptop manufacturers warranty(in the first year) - so that it can be replaced immediately!. The best part is that the terms and conditions of the warranty document say nothing about replacement/repair - just about my right to refund for the warranty itself 1st week of May 2008 - The laptop starts overheating and the fan becomes noisy. I inform the storge manager who asks for a 50£ restocking charge - I disagree and he reassures me the replacement warranty will take care of any issues. december 2008 - laptop starts switching off intermittently, when overheated. Comet send the laptop to the manufacturer for repair(against the cotract of replacement by Comet). Again, for 120£ , the laptop should have been repaired by Comet. Got laptop back on January 2009. Never did the switching off issue get resolved fully - But since it was working on minimum use( used for voice chats and not watching movies) I did not give it back April 2009 - Laptop develops problem even worse and is send to comet repair center. Again not much use , but I learnt how to live with the issue. April 2010 - Extended warranty worth 120£ expires! May 2010 - Laptop Dies! June 2010 - I write a letter(email only) to CEO of COmet .Comet after a lot of commotion ask for 127 £ to repair the laptop, not even considering that the extended warranty had just expired , or thinking of the fact that the 2 months the laptop spend with Comet would be good enough to cover me from April 2010 to May 2010. They responded ( by post) stating that they are aware of the SOGA and that since I have had some use of it 127£ was a fair amount. Also they agreed that the laptop was fixed twice - but note this never did they write in that response that the issue was resolved August 2010 - Letter before action send. 127£ reduced to 70£ - I still reject, since warranty is only for 3 months on that work . Anyways it was not about money anymore I guess, more a matter of principle. Today - The judge takes Comet to task asking "what warranty is this?" and "where does it say it is a repair only warranty?" - Comet had no answer. When asked why they did not accept my rejection of the goods as per the EU directive( that the laptop was not fit for use and when I had complained about it in the first week of purchase) - Comet said a lot of customers give back goods and as such they found it right to ask for 50£ for restocking! The judge asked why Comet did not see to my statements of the 1999/EC directive - Comet had no answer. The Judge ruled in my favour.
  9. Hello Today, I successfully sued Comet for £940, £640 for the laptop and missold extended warraty, and interest and court charges.
  10. hi, Thanks for the response. I have decided to proceed the county court route. I am yet to go to the independent party for verification - I expect them to write that the motherboard has failed due to a manufacturing defect in the motherboard which causes it to overheat , which finally caused it to fail. I can only explain how the motherboard failed, since both ways they cannot test the motherboard again for what caused it to fail (since it is not working anymore). Also, I would like to know would I be able to claim for damages , due to the inconvience not having the laptop has caused me. Thanks, Koge
  11. Hi , Thanks for the reply. I am not sure I understand the consumer credit act, because from what I understand , HSBC(The credit arranger) is equally and severely liable for quality of goods as much as the retailer. When I called consumer direct, they said HSBC is equally involved as the retailer, I am unsure what HSBC would do if I did inform them that the laptop I bought with the credit card was faulty from the time of purchase. Thanks for all the replies... Cheers, Koge
  12. Hello, Thanks for the response. I have no plans to do a chargeback on the company inspecting the laptop. My question was: if I do get the independent report which states that the motherboard was of bad quality and did have an inherent fault when purchased - can I send this report to HSBC . Since the independent report would say the laptop had an issue/fault with it from the time of purchase, would HSBC be willing to charge back the money I paid for the laptop on the grounds of the consumer credit act. Thanks, WRs, Koge.
  13. Hello All, I bought a laptop more than 3 years ago from a retailer with a 3 year extended warranty. During the warranty the laptop was repaired 4 times for recurring faults.The warranty is now over and the laptop has failed(non-working). I send an email to the head office of the retailer and they disagreed to fix it as per SOGA - They want me to pay to get it fixed now. I bought the laptop on a credit card(HSBC). I would like to know if someone could provide me any help on the following: 1) Is there anything specific I need to get the independent evaluator(the company which would evaluate the failure of the laptop and write the report) to check so that the judge would be able to make a decision in the small claims court. The laptop has a failed motherboard and the retailer has mentioned this in their letter - they have not mentioned any misuse on my side, as a reason for the failure - do I still need to get an independent evaluator's report? 2) If I do have a independent evalutors report - would I be able to send it along to HSBC and ask them to do a charge back as per the consumer credit act - is there any hope in me trying this option out. I cannot wait months for an outcome, so that in the end they say they cannot do anything, since I will be then delayed with the county court claim. 3) If I do land up taking the issue to court, would I be able to claim damages. Currently, I have to lug my work laptop home to replace the use of my failed laptop. I have sufferred this inconvinence quite a bit and wanted to know how I would be able to make any claims of damages. Thanks for your help, WRs, Koge.
  14. Hello, My wife was working as a contractor to a company for 3 months.After the contract was over she was given a permanent contract. She became pregnant the week she became a permanent employee - is she entitled to SMP? Also, we are non residents and hence do not have access to public funds, in this case would she be paid SMA , incase she does not get SMP? Thanks, Warm Regards, KOGE
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