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  1. Hi guys, well since I last logged in I have been jobless and recieved another 300 in charges taking my total over 2000! Any updates? I have sent the letter and got my figures but I asume if I was going to take it to court I would need to send another access request to get the latest charges? Any news? Thanks
  2. The loan is a couple o years old, okay, considering he has zero property - what exactly can they do? he owes about 6K still....
  3. My brother has been conned by his romanian wife - she got him to take out a loan online on his hsbc bank account for a property investment - all money went to her account and she ran off... ten grand! Now hes paying it off but the interest is getting too much Is this even enforceable with no contract? PLEASE HELP!
  4. Hi guys, My brothers wife (who has run off with all his money) got him to get a loan on his HSBC internet banking account for £10,000 She ran off with ALL the money and he cant afford the repayments much longer. He never saw or signed any paperwork as this was all done on the PC on the online bank. Can he stop paying an tell them to go after her?? Please help!
  5. Yea should the people(like me) who have not yet filled suit in court do so now or await new POCs?
  6. I know HSBC have charged me three times in the last two months - I want to add that to my spreadsheet - On my Online bank I cant find them!!! Have they the right to not publish the charges!?
  7. Johny Mitch your so damn cool.... Just my two cents there... I need to open a parachute account right away!!!
  8. Hi Johnny, Im looking at the forums and it seems a few people are using new particulars in there claims - Have I missed the boat? I'm not as cleverr as the people on this forum but I do need to get this money the bank owe me (1300) Just curious as to where the new particulars will be posted? Thanks a million Luke
  9. Sorry I do have open office rock and roll I shal sit tight and wait for the latest from the legal team here. My advice, let's toe ourselves to crosses outside the bank hq!!!
  10. Cool thanks Johny I need to download exel from somewhere as I don't have it eek
  11. Hi johny. I sent my letter before action off yesterday to hsbc. So in two weeks I need to start a claim in court, no idea how to do that to be honest. Also, I have been charged 884 by hsbc and a further 100 since I started on this forum, so can I add that to the claim even tho it's not in my first and second letter? Also can I add interest? Again I didn't ask for it back because I don't know what the interest is
  12. Mitch I am worried that they may ask for my 400 pound overdraft most of which are bank charges back and I havnt got a penny! Can they semmand I pay the overdraft back up front because I'm fighting for my charges ?
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