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  1. I've just googled "Orange small claims" following a nightmare with the comapny over the last few weeks...we were never provided with the "service" we signed up for (being the phone and broadband package), and after 7 hours on the phone to them over the last few days have finally got out of our contract without incurring any costs (although i wil believe it when I see it!) We pulled them up on clause 1.3 of their Terms and Conditions (off the top of my head, I believe it comes down to them having to notify YOU if they cannot provide the service. As we had received no notification of any difficulties in setting up the phone line they were clearly in breach), we also called them up on a couple of other similar clauses... Once we started quoting their contract to them, the worse than useless Customer Service team (and I do use that term losely) backed down, and put us through to escalations. Once through to them, we reiterated the Terms and Conditions, and threw in words like "breaches", "negligent" and "small claims", which seemed to do the trick. I wish you good luck, but if they were anywhere near as useless with you, then I really dont think you'll need it. They don't keep records of emails sent, or calls taken and, therefore, if they were having difficulty in supplying the service to you, they will be hard pushed to provide evidence that they did notify you of this. Hope that above all makes sense and will apply to you!
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