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  1. Thanks Locutus and Rebel. Below is a copy of the reply I received today. "Hello, Thank you for writing to let us know that you did return the replacement order. I have requested cancellation of the charge and you will not be charged for this order. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and look forward to seeing you again soon at Amazon.co.uk. Warmest regards Warmest regards, Michal P Amazon.co.uk Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company." Sorted:whoo:
  2. Thanks Rebel. Unfortunately as the payment was made with a debit card the bank says they can't stop Amazon coming in and taking the money. I have emailed Mr Mcbride. Will let you know how I go.
  3. Thanks Rebel. I intend to phone them in the morning. I understand that they can block any request for funds from amazon, but what would be our next step? Would we still be liable for the money. It's not as if the items were valuable, just a few kids annuals and toys.
  4. Just got an email from amazon threatening to take money directly from my debit card due to an "unreturned" package that was dispatched on the 2nd December. There were 2 identical packages sent out due to the weather around Christmas last year. They have a copy of my signature which they say verifies delivery. I returned the package a few days after receiving it, and kept the receipt, but after 8 months, I cannot find it. Do I just pay the money as I have no receipt? Thanks in advance for all replies.
  5. I have a house with my wife. It has been surveyed and a price agreed to be paid as part of the trust deed. I also have a 6yr old car.
  6. Sorry, just realised I may have posted in the wrong forum. If there are any moderators who could move this thread, it would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi everybody. I am approaching the first anniversary of my protected trust deed. Our plan is to move out to Australia to emigrate with my family(we already have a visa). We were intending(reluctantly) to carry our trust deed through to OZ with us but my sister in law has come into a lot of money due a rather messy divorce and has offered to pay it off for us. Would this be possible and if so, would my income continue to be monitored until the end of the 3yr period? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  8. Just an update. Have spoken to the guy from the accountacy firm that is dealing with my trust deed & he has assured me that it would not be a problem moving to OZ as long as the payments are kept up to date. If anybody knows for definite that this is wrong, could they please let me know.
  9. Thanks Ida. With regard to the Trust Deed, does this mean that even if I have a forwarding address in OZ & agree to pay it out of my bank account, they still won't set it up for me?
  10. Thanks Ida. My understanding of this reciprocal agreement( http://www.opsi.gov.uk/si/si1994/Uksi_19941901_en_1.htm") is that it is for civil debt (i.e. non-payment of fines,taxes), outstanding court orders and outstanding ccj's. I can't see anything pertaining to consumer debt. I haven't been able to read all the posts in the link you gave but it would seem that the gist of the thread is that If you have consumer debt (credit cards/loans etc), & move to Australia with no outstanding court action against you, then you cannot be made to pay that debt, but that there are companys in Oz who will illegally chase & harass you for that debt.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I know your UK credit history is not linked in anyway to your OZ credit history & vice versa. I've heard about consumer debt not being enforceable ouside of the country where the agreement was signed, but not 100% sure that it is true. Can anybody advise? The thought of looking over our shoulder in OZ isn't exactly appealing, but not being in debt would be a huge sweetener!
  12. Hello. I'm a first time poster looking for a bit of advice. I am considering entering a trust deed in a month or two. My family & I have just received our permanent resident visa for Australia. Can any body tell me if it is possible to enter into a trust deed & move abroad while you are still paying it? Thanks in advance.
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